Monday, January 17, 2011

Lenny McAllister: Don’t Let Politicians Take Advantage of Tucson

Lenny McAllister, the noted political/social commentator and radio host for WVON, writes about the recent tragedies in Tucson.
In his latest article for The, he warns about the pitfalls of rapid political response in times of great tragedy. He argues that its at moments like this when the best intentions can go astray.

By Lenny McAllister

Just as the intrusive and controversial Patriot Act was signed into law soon after Sept. 11 while America was still wrestling with its response to the terror acts, once again we’re hearing proposals that threaten to diminish the freedom we currently enjoy and expect as American citizens. Even the best intentions go astray.

With the Patriot Act came the argument that the federal government would be better equipped to protect America with a series of potential “inconveniences” (and the loss of a few personal liberties). Now the grass roots are telling us that America will be safer still with more gun-control regulations; and legislators are clamoring for a national Internet ID card so that we can better track potential terror threats, and arguing that America will be more serene politically with the reintroduction of the Fairness Doctrine.

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