Monday, January 17, 2011

Javier David: Did 50 Cent use Twitter to bilk fans for big bucks?

Javier David – The conservative writer for, takes on rapper 50 Cent for his recent decision to dispense stock picks and makeshift financial advice via Twitter.
It’s a given that musicians and actors often have little compunction about sharing their political views with the world. The First Amendment is a beautiful thing, and should be cherished by all.

But when a star uses his or her popularity to dispense stock picks and makeshift financial advice? Now that’s a horse of an entirely different stripe.

Such is the quandary rapper 50 Cent — a.k.a. Curtis Jackson — posed a couple of days ago, when he used the ubiquitous Twitter to promote H&H Imports, a virtually unknown penny stock company in which he has a sizable financial interest.

The 35-year-old hip hop impresario, who made the phrase “get rich or die trying” a cultural mainstay, used the social networking site to plump for H&H’s prospects. “You can double your money right now. Just get what you can afford,” Fitty enthused to his nearly 4 million followers. “They are no joke, get in now,” he added in a subsequent tweet. Never mind that 50 Cent had many reasons — nearly 9 million, in fact — to get the Florida-based company’s stock as high as it could go.

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