Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ugandan Libertarian Activist Found “Not Guilty”

KAMPALAA Ugandan court on Wednesday declared the country’s sedition laws unconstitutional, effectively quashing several pending criminal cases against journalists.

“The sections (in the penal code) on sedition are inconsistent with the constitution,” court registrar Ruhinda Ntengye stated, reading from a decision penned by five constitutional court justices.

“They are therefore null and void,” the decision said, adding that the sedition laws as written are so broadly defined they infringe on the free speech rights enshrined in Uganda’s constitution.

Wednesday’s ruling stems from a petition filed in 2005 by Andrew Mwenda, a prominent Ugandan journalist who faced sedition charges after speculating about Uganda’s potential involvement in the death of former south Sudan leader John Garang.

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