Monday, August 23, 2010

Obama And Cameo

(hat tip: Booker Rising): William Terence, a moderate Democratic blogger in Georgia, links U.S. President Barack Obama with the R&B/funk group: “President Obama should listen to the jam band Cameo during his Martha’s Vineyard vacation. Of course, he must hit the Black Dog Tavern and cop a t-shirt and cap. An old friend sent me a Black Dog hat and people in south Georgia wonder if the ‘Black Dog’ is an African-American sub-group inside the Blue Dog Coalition.

It should be because people can’t understand how some Democrats who benefited from President Clinton and President Obama conveniently sidestep the Dem team at times. Cameo is coming to Albany, Georgia, next month and I hope they do the slow jam ‘Don’t Be Lonely’ in honor of President Obama since the lyrics summarize how some Dems are running from him or how the Democrat base might feel about some candidates — ‘Hey, long time no see.’ ‘Don’t be lonely…you’re not the only one who feels the way you do.’ ‘What would you do if you were in my insist on trying to find a way back into my heart..I was never one to take two steps back and I will never start.’ It sounds like Larry Blackmon was singing about slick candidates.”

Mr. Terence continues his commentary: “At black college football games, Cameo’s ‘Talking Out the Side of Your Neck’ is another standard. With important issues on the table, more voters are well-informed these days and candidates can’t say one thing to one group and something else to another. Conservative Georgians in both parties have concerns about the healthcare reform law while other Georgians will back those who supported President Obama’s historic efforts. Mr. President, you shouldn’t be lonely - enjoy your vacation and come back ready.”

Booker Rising response: Cameo was the shiznit back in the day. My President Obama and Cameo songs linkage: We’ve seen
“Better Days”. About the economic situation one can certainly say, “It’s Serious” and “Slow Movin’” I’m sure you “Feel Me” on this one, folks. “Word Up”! While President Obama is nice eye “Candy”, you’re not gonna want to “Shake Your Pants” over his fiscal policies. After he’s done picking your pockets, it’ll be “Single Life”.
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