Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MARVIN ROGERS OP-ED: That Don’t Taste Good: My Response to “Health Care Reform.”

By Marvin Rogers

I’ve seen a few comments floating around on the Internet that infer that by disagreeing with the narrowly-partisan Democratic Health Care Reform Act, that by default I must not want uninsured Americans to be covered. I cannot let an untrue assertion of such gravity go un-rebuffed. Many of you know that when I’m not politicking, I’m a bilingual interpreter by trade. I’ve therefore been privileged to be present in the medical rooms with patients and their doctors on many occasions. This has afforded me a vivid and firsthand account of the health care needs of the under-served. I have never met a member of congress, R, D, or I, who oppose people being able to see a doctor when they are sick. The motive behind the opposition to this bill rests in the details of the legislation.

1. An alarming number of members of the House reported that they did not have time to read this legislation that was crafted and pushed at the 11th hour. So how could they know that it does what the President says it’s supposed to do?

2.The lack of cost controls reinforces the imperative notion that we can’t keep swiping a debit card that is attached to an account (a.k.a. The Federal Government) that has a negative balance.

3. The cuts to Medicare Advantage and the imposed tax increases are severely problematic.

4. The plan reportedly raises premiums on people who don’t have their insurance provided by their employer.

5. Poll after poll indicates that a large majority of the American people oppose this legislation and that jobs and the economy are what the American people wake up thinking about in the morning. So instead of lowering the quality of health care so that everyone is universally covered, how about we as a nation focus on the economy and apply ourselves to working to raise the standard of living of the American people so that all have an opportunity to be able to afford quality health care?

I’m for the promotion of Health Savings Accounts, interstate competition to lower private insurance premiums, expansion of sliding-scale based federally qualified health care centers (for low-income citizens), and an unrelenting laser focus on jobs which will in turn allow our hardworking citizens to be able to take pride in funding their health care needs.

In conclusion, the fact that I don’t like the Democrat’s recipe for health care reform does not automatically infer that I don’t like the dish. In this great country, every American in need should be able to see a doctor. And I don’t question the patriotism of my fellow Americans who support this Act. However, I firmly believe that we can bring reform in a way that is more palatable to the American people and deferent to the American tradition of quality health care. It is my strong desire and the desire of many to see this Act repealed so that we can begin working toward that end.

Marvin Rogers is an Urban Republican activist who has served as an aide to U.S. Representative Bob Inglis. He ran for the South Carolina State House in 2008 as a black Republican in a predominately African American Democratic stronghold.

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