Monday, January 25, 2010

Princella Smith Eyes Congressional Seat

Fmr Newt Gingrich Staffer, Princella Smith Eyes Congressional Seat

By Richard Ivory

Rumor has it that Princella Smith the fmr Spokesperson for Newt Gingrich's American Solutions and at present, the Director of Communications for Congressman Anh "Joseph" Cao might head home to Arkansas to run for Congress. Marion Berry (no, not the “Bitch set me up," ex-mayor from DC), but Arkansas 1st Congressional District U.S. Representative, who if the news reports are correct is expected to announce retirement tomorrow (1/25/10), and Princella has said on numerous accounts that she is interested in running for that seat one day. ( Politico Article -

This should come as no surprise to folks back home who have been keeping an eye on Smith for a while. If you ask me, Smith is the clear choice. She is young, conservative, and a brilliant communicator with the right connections and spunk to raise a national profile so large that she clears any potential primary field.

It's rumored that Berry's Chief of Staff may run meaning that whoever runs against the Chief of Staff will essentially be running against Berry and all his connections. It's going to take someone who can use stardom, energy, and a great small town America message to really boost the Dems out fast enough at this point.

Princella is the only candidate that can run a mass media campaign to galvanize the youth all over the state and the country to cause a sweeping movement around this country. All I can say to Princella if the rumors are true is "Run, Princella, run!" For those who want to encourage her to run check out the already created Facebook groups encouraging her to run.

(Check out these link , too.)

Richard Ivory is the founder of, he is a writer for the New Majority and has worked for the Republican National Committee and was the college outreach director for the Republican Youth Majority
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