Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Going Rogue: A “Palin”tologist’s Review

By: Leette Eaton-White

Sarah Palin the ever controversial political super star released her best seller auto-biography Going Rogue last week. Already a selling success the book details her life, and the failed 2008 Vice Presidential Campaign. Though the campaign to make John McCain POTUS failed, Sarah has been a wild success amongst conservatives and fair minded politicos.
Her down to earth demeanor and straight forward speaking style captivated the core of the GOP and infuriated the Left Wing and its Hollywood babysitters. Striking fear into the hearts of her critics Palin’s book comes out swinging at those who unfairly criticized her, but unlike most politicians she takes plenty of time to acknowledge her own, and many mistakes.

Detailing life and Alaska the book begins with a gorgeous rich description. As a matter fact some of the description was so exact I thought The Joy of Painting’s Bob Ross hijacked Sarah’s book and I could swear I began to hear “Wonderful, Wonderful Day” playing in my head followed by “The Sound of Music”, and I swear to you that is not an exaggeration… I had a very goofy smile on my face while reading such descriptions… as if people on the NYC subway didn’t already think I was crazy by actually reading Going Rogue in the first place.

Sarah discusses her average family and average life growing up in Wasilla and her unique love of sports and her dedication to teamwork. She talks about her children, and labor, fishing and even lets us in on her relationship with Todd. Then she starts in on politics. There is no denying Sarah on what she is politically. She is everything she ever presented herself as. She is a passionate social and fiscal conservative. No surprises there. She recounts in great detail her early days at City Hall fighting the status quo and former allies.

She repeats her political views throughout her story with relevant consistency. She also talks McCain, the Campaign and the staffers who went from helpful to her to hurting the campaign within a matter of weeks. The book has a surprising free flowing and natural eloquence that most would not expect of Sarah and clarity that makes you feel as though you were watching the events described unfold. Bottom line: It’s worth the read no matter what, if you like Sarah even a little bit, it’s worth the buy.

About the Author: Leette Eaton- White is a native New Yorker and a full time student studying Forensic Psychology. She has been a Conservative Republican since 2002, finding her Republican roots at the age of 15. HipHopRepublican opened the gateway for her to start her political activism in urban areas and across the net.Contact - Leette4hhr@gmail.com

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