Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crime Isn’t A Civil Right!

by Nadra Enzi

Crime isn’t a civil right! is an upcoming presentation which evolved from recent comments I shared with the local Kiwanis Club on putting the public back into public safety. This topic is my 2010 public theme and has been a private one for a lifetime. Its’ message is simple and timely: no one has a God-given right to violate life and property, regardless of passionate arguments to the contrary. Giving in to crime as a civil right means, among other things, destroying the inner city, all cities, public safety and homeland security in one greedy gulp! Anyone who wants a serving is asked to raise his hand.

Absolving inner city residents from sane behavior isn’t the same as promoting civil rights. Telling us somebody else is to blame for personal killing sprees, etc. in the Black community grants green lights for much more of the same. Add the current financial version of suspended animation afflicting the inner city and this behavioral brew approaches a historic boiling point. One private solution is drawing national lines in the concrete and culturally ousting those who think crime is their personal civil right. Giving them the boot in thought, word, on flim, in song and by our deeds is what is sorely needed. Otherwise, the Black community and America lose together on an unimaginable scale.

We’re losing too many lives to continue embracing open enemies among us. Rehabilitation only works if the person being rehabilitated agrees to it. Removal ( by ostracism or arrest ) becomes the last realistic community choice for increasing safety and civility. The effect of a culture shift where doors are slammed shut and relationships suspended until better behavior happens is worth exploring.

Criminals continue victimizing society because they still welcomed with open arms by family and friends. You can’t complain about snake bite while pulling the viper closer for round two. Unofficial excommunication from Black social networks alongside official incarceration are a one-two combination we need to put into play before it’s too late. Only we can decide if our lives are worth the effort. Crooks are working overtime to tear us down, Isn’t it time we punched the clock to build ourselves up?

Crime isn’t a civil right! will be my main message for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month 2010. It’s also a way of life. Crime isn’t a civil right, it’s absolutely the worst possible civil wrong.

NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT. BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development.

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