Friday, October 02, 2009


By: Leette Eaton- White

The last two weeks of ABDC were dramatic in every sense of the word. Another completely wrong bottom two lead to another highly disappointing elimination. But this time I, ironically went from feeling downright droopy about the elimination to upset with the leader of the eliminated crew. There is a thing called loosing with grace and somehow the grace in the dancing was lost in the post show interview available at

The eliminated Rhythm City’s Alonzo came out bashing Massive Monkees’s performance. Insisting RC had done better Alonzo did not understand why they were eliminated. And I agree that RC had a better performance and within the context of the show is the better crew, but I think he got rather nasty and I was dissapointed to see a crew losing without any grace or dignity but instead complaining like children. But all that seems to have changed now that the crews are back and working hard together to make the live season finale a great and I am happy to see clips of RC being happy and playing nice.

The shocking elimination left Massive Monkees Aforborike and We Are Heroes in the top three. The next performances from Massive Monkees and Afroborike were slow paced and uncreative throughout leaving me extremely disappointed. Only We Are Heroes gave a high energy thoughtful performance. Massive Monkees were rightfully booted out leaving the original pieces where the crews get to choose their own music to WAH and Afroborike. Afroborike went for a tribal themed dance that although artistic was not exciting…. It was kinda weird to be frank. We Are Heroes went for lighting the stage on fire in an interesting and super hot performance…. No really hot, they were sweating a lot. But it was great. Not the same emotional pull in season one from Jabbawockeez with their “Red Pill” or season three’s Quest’s “OrQuestra”; the best performance ever on the show.

In an unusual occurrence online voting was closed after only a few hours instead of going on for the whole week as it has in seasons past. On Sunday the crews will come together for group performances and we will see the finalists dance with each other in what are sure to be great performances.

The winners of ABDC shall be announced and I bet anything we will find the show picked up for a fifth season. I for one am hoping that it will be an ABDC ALL STARS season where they invite winners, and the best of the best back to defend their titles and give winning another try to see who really is ABDC.
I will watch the ABDC finale and report right after.

Leette Eaton- White is a native New Yorker and a full time student studying Forensic Psychology. She has been a Conservative Republican since 2002, finding her Republican roots at the age of 15.

HipHopRepublican opened the gateway for her to start her political activism in urban areas and across the net.

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