Sunday, October 04, 2009

FOREGIVEN: A Film Review

by Cleo E. Brown

FOREGIVEN, which is flawlessly acted yet poorly edited, is the story of Ronald Bradley who is an innocent man on death row. Just as Bradley is being given a lethal injection, he is pardoned by The Governor of the State in which he lives. Bradley, freed and willing to reclaim his life, finds that he is unable to resume the life he left behind because although he is an innocent man, an unforgiving society will not accept him. The script, which was written; directed; and performed by Paul Fitzgerald as District Attorney Peter Miles is a good effort but rambles and can be confusing although the sentiments expressed are noble in their intention:

Is the Death Penalty ever wrong? Is the Death Penalty wrong when the victim is a Police-Officer? Is the Death Penalty wrong when the victim is a child? Is the Death Penalty wrong when the victim is ourselves? Is race a determining factor in whom is executed? Other issues are addressed including whom the Foregiven truly are when it becomes apparent that the convicted killer is innocent.

Excellent performances by Russel Hornsby as Ronald Bradley, Paul Fitzgerald as Peter Miles, Kate Genning’s Grant as convicted killer Bradley’s attorney and Susan Floyd as Peter Miles’ wife, however, makes watching this low-key, low-budget, and off-beat film a treat. Fitzgerald’s direction, also, is intriguing in this rambling script. You can purchase FOREGIVEN on i Tunes at ( and at Amazon VOD. I give FOREGIVEN, on a scale of from one to twelve roses, a nine.

About the Author: Cleo E. Brown has a Master’s Degree in Contemporary African American History from The University of California at Davis in Davis, California. She has also completed coarse work towards a Doctorate in Education from The University of San Francisco in San Francisco, California. Formerly on staff at The Learning Center in New York City, New York where she was The Dean of Academic Instruction, Cleo E. Brown is also a Senior Editor and Writer at You can email her at

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