Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taking a Blog Break!

HHR is going to be taking a blog break for a little while. We are working on some new stuff that we hope will improve the quality and look of the site. We should be back up in about a months time. In the mean time you can check out the site a Libertarian Blog that focuses on urban and black culture.

Other Sites to Join:Hip-Hop Republican Forum - an online gathering of over 100 urban Republicans & Libertarians to debate and discuss politics and urban/ inner city issues.

The John Langston Forum - a social networking group of over 200 young black professionals who are Libertarian or Republican (HHR) is moving from a blog to an online publication. It will feature a boarder scope of issues and topics that matter to the Hip Hop community. More interviews, music, food and resources to supply the demands of our loyal readers.

Your support can help HHR take this next step, as our increasing readership is asking for more news and culture coverage with a fun yet professional look. Presently, we are working on creating an attention grabbing website, but as you know a new website is very expensive.

To have HHR take this next leap, we are reaching out to you for a small contribution of $25. Some months ago we started on a site that we thought would be successful but because of a malfunction we had to ditch the entire site. Many Internet Explorer users may recall seeing the "side bar" implanted in the middle of the site while reading the actual blog.

If you are willing to make a (non-tax-deductible) contribution please click on the Paypal button on the blog today if you want to mail it please email us.Thank you very much

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