Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sean Conner Elected DCYR Chair - Makes History

Sean was elected Chairman of the DC Young Republicans with 71% of

ALL: I know we are supposed to be taking a break but I am sorry I just had to post this. This is the recent press release from the DC Republican Committee. For background, this election makes Sean Conner the only African American state Chairman in the YRNF. Two other interesting facts: He succeed Marcus Skelton, also African American, as the 3rd African American since the organization began in 1931 to serve as a state Chairman.

Sean Conner Elected DCYR Chair Conner Wins With 71% of the VoteWashington, DC:

The DC Republican Committee made the following statement in regard to the election of Sean L. Conner as Chairman of the DC Young Republicans last night. "Sean is a member of the DC Republican Committee's Executive Committee and previously worked for the RNC as the Outreach Press Secretary. It's remarkable that he is able to accomplish all this at the age of 25. Sean's future in DC politics is only beginning.


It's my goal as Party Chairman to bring in more young leaders like Sean to the DCGOP," stated DC Republican Committee Chairman Robert Kabel. Other DC Republican Committee members that are member of the DC Young Republicans are Patrick Mara who was the Republican nominee for the 2008 At-Large DC Council race, Craig Max who serves as the DC Republican Committee's Vice Chair and was Christina Culver's Treasurer, Michael Zurat, Ron Herbison, Kristopher Hammond and Marcus Skelton.

Formerly the RNC Outreach Press Secretary, Sean L. Conner was responsible for communicating the Republican Party’s record of achievement and the Republican agenda with constituencies across the ethnic, religious and ideological spectrums. Prior to joining the RNC, Conner worked at C-SPAN where he led several special projects including field producing the March 31st DNC's Rules and Bylaws meeting and producing C-SPAN's weekly "C-SPAN on BBC." His experience also includes interning in the US Senate and working in government relations in Washington, DC.

Last night, Sean was elected Chairman of the DC Young Republicans with 71% of the vote, serves on the Executive Committee of the DC Republican Party, and mentors in the StreetWise Partners Program, a youth job readiness training program. Nationally, he serves as an appointee of the Young Republican National Federation. Originally from Oakland, CA, Conner holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business with a Minor in Education. A picture of Conner may be found below.

For Immediate Release Contact:

Paul D. CraneyOffice: (202) 289-8005

Mobile: (202) 550-1450

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