Friday, March 06, 2009

GOP Lawmakers Rally Around Steele

By Richard Ivory

The Washington Post has an excellent piece in which they challenge the tabloid circus that says that Steele is on his way out at the RNC. The article goes into great detail discussing the broad wave of support that Chairman Steele has from in
side-the-beltway Republicans.

And, not to be outdone, the online political magazine Politico has an interesting piece regarding a somewhat testy reprimand from Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) towards Chairman Steele. According to the poular online site Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), gave Steele an earful at a party lunch last month after media outlets leaked that he had threatened to run a more conservative candidate against her and other moderates. She is quoted as saying to Steele “You couldn't’ mean that, otherwise we’ll continue to be a minority in perpetuity, without us we can’t be a majority".

You can read both articles here:

Oh almost forgot Karma's a b*tch sometimes. D.L. Hughley got canned by CNN.


Bianca said...

I think Michael might be on his way out too...He was a token pick unfortunately...I hope it doesn't happen, but I can't say I will totally surprised if he goes. Thank God D.L. Hughley's show was not funny.

Anonymous said...

What's karma got to do with it? DL asked a question Steele answered, then backtracked. Does this site only support Black rebublicans or is it's purpose to empower and uplift us all?

Anonymous said...

Steele's idea of making inroads to minority groups is talking slang and offering Bobby Jindal some "slum love". This guy is an embarrasment and it is an absolute shame that the black community is being so poorly misrepresented by him. He is single-handedly confirming every negative stereotype that have kept the GOP from welcoming black people in the first place.

His appointment was another cynical GOP ploy that has blown up in their face like Sarah Palin. It's being reported that there may be a no confidence vote against him at the end of this month. If he gets booted I guarantee the GOP will never try this experiment again and black people will be even less welcomed in this party. I hate to sound so negative but this is a harsh reality. As a black man I will never associate with this party and can never understand how some could. This Michael "yeah baby" Steele character has done us no justice.