Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time To Take Action : A letter from David All, RNC Transition Team Chair

Tuesday in Denver, Colorado, President Barack Obama gleefully signed a pork-laden "stimulus" bill that passed through Congress with very little bipartisan support (not a SINGLE House Republican voted for passage).

As reported on yesterday by the Washington Times*:
- - - - -
"President Obama on Tuesday will sign an economic stimulus bill that is four times bigger than he first called for, includes smaller tax cuts than he wanted, drew fewer Republicans than desired and was done nearly a month later than he had hoped."

"But he got it done."
- - - - -

Yes he did. Great.

And now we're the ones that are going to have to live with it. And it's our children and grandchildren who are ultimately going to have to pay for it.

Look, Barack Obama was elected not out of chance or luck but due in-part to a massive distributed network of grassroots activists. Millions of people, connected and self-organizing - fighting every single day for the cause. Among other places, they organized on Facebook. They changed their status updates to virally spread a message.

Our group, the GOP Grassroots Committee, is a group with a purpose. It is an opportunity for every Republican to step-up to the plate for the party that we love and help it make the right choices and decisions. This is your platform to discuss how technology can be used to better reach, listen to, embrace, and engage grassroots.

Yesterday our group grew from 200 people to over 2,000 people. This tremendous growth didn't happen because I wanted it to. This group grew organically because Republicans are excited, engaged and want to take action.

Robby Hightower of Inland Empire, California updated his status update, invited 60+ members, and invited all of the members of a group he runs called Red Voices. In a note, Robby wrote, "Happy to help as a Grassroots captain for the cause!"

Ebeth Weidner, the President of the Republican Women of Pitt County, NC wrote, "Hey David, I just invited about 61 of my friends that I know are Republicans. Hope they all come on board!!"

1981 Marshall alumni Victor Diaz's quote on his profile is “To involve people........ just ask them.” And that's exactly what he did in order to help grow our group. He not only sent out 200 direct invites and posted to his facebook status as requested but he also blended his online activity with offline action when he invited the Oakland County YRs to join at their meeting last night.

I believe we can grow this group to over 5,000 people before midnight tonight if you decide to do two things:

1. Be a Facebook activist. Invite at least 50 friends to this group. If you have already invited all your friends, follow-up with them and see if they have joined. Forward them this note. Message me when you've sent the invites and I'll make you a "GOP Grassroots Captain" and list your name in the final report to Chairman Steele. Update your status update to help amplify our message.

2. Take offline action. EMAIL this message to at least five friends and urge them to get involved. If they're not yet on Facebook, work with them and help them sign-up. We need their help moving forward. If we're to compete with Barack tomorrow, the time to take action is now. I hope you'll continue to be an active part of this effort.

Thank you,
David All


Today Barack signs a massive spending bill. I'm working with others to ensure that never happens again


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