Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Republican National Committee: We Need Your Input

By Tiffany Shorter

Michael Steele wants to bring fundraising up to the 21st century by combining technology and local outreach to make donating to the cause a lot easier.

Take the fundraising survey so you can have your say about how the RNC should establish an easy to use system. Together we can make sure that the past elections in 2006 and 2008 remain history. Republicans are out of the White House and Congress, therefore, now we have little say in policy. The stimulus package signed into law yesterday, shows that our voice is not being carried to Capitol Hill or the White House. Let’s get Republican values back into public policy.

You can take the Fundraising survey. It will only take a few minutes today so you can make a better future tomorrow.

You are also welcome to join the Facebook group GOP TechSummit - Grassroots and share your other ideas with Steele.

Tiffany Shorter

HHR Editor & Chief

Co-Chair of RNC Transition Team on Grassroots


Cody said...

Yo Yo Yo

Check It Ya'll

Mack Daddy Michael Steele Is In Da Hizzle!!!

Anonymous said...

Please drop the whole Hip Hop thing.

Not only is it a lame embarrassment, it'll just make us look stupid.

Shouldn't we just ignore it til it dies like disco or something?