Thursday, February 26, 2009


The RNC announced today that it was naming Angela Sailor as Steels new RNC’s Director of Coalitions. According to the press release the "The Coalitions Department is a new RNC division created by Chairman Steele as part of his commitment to creating sustained communications with every constituency. The Director of Coalitions will work to recruit and support Republicans by targeting messages to identified publications, events and emerging issues in communities where the party has opportunities to grow.

“The RNC Coalitions department will evaluate every outside constituent organization in the country at the local, state and national levels,” Steele said.
“This canvass will help to identify key and promising organizations and leaders in constituent organizations with whom we must build lines of communication now.”

Previously, Sailor was named Director of African-American Affairs for the RNC and Victory 2000 to support the Bush/Cheney Presidential campaign. She has also served as the Deputy Chief of Staff to the U.S. Secretary of Education and most recently as a partner at Watts Partners providing public relations and governmental advocacy for clients. She is also currently the President and CEO of The Alamni Group LLC, a public relations and consulting firm specializing in marketing, grassroots advocacy and strategic planning.

Just a Historical Note - WASHINGTON, Feb. 3,2005

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman and Political Director Mike DuHaime announced they have asked Randy Enwright, Cary Evans, Anne Hathaway, Randy Kammerdiener, Jay McCleskey, Graham Shafer and Karen Slifka to join their team at the RNC as Regional Political Directors. They have also named Raul Damas as Coalitions Director and Brian Donahue as 72-Hour Director.

"This group is second to none when it comes to grassroots politics, and I look forward to working with them in broadening and deepening the GOP," said Mehlman. "The RNC has hired the best regional political directors in the nation, and they will be instrumental in growing the Republican Party's majority. ...

Lets Hope This Team Works!

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....that Mr. Steele knows what he's talking about...He happens to be a dead ringer for HUMPTY from Digital Undergound's 90's jam "THE HUMPTY DANCE"....hope the notoriety helps this (hopeless) cause....