Saturday, February 28, 2009

HHR at State of the Black Union

HHR's Lenny McAllister has landed at the annual "State of the Black Union" event . Lenny will be moderating the chat room for Black Vocies AOL and participating in numerous panels one which will include the Chairman of the Republican National Committee:Micheal Steele. The 10th anniversary of the event will be held in Los Angeles, California.

Please join in the chat room and discuss the event here on HHR


Anonymous said...

This is more than about Rush. When the liberal talk show host said that CPAC looked like a bunch of Nazis Michael Steele nodded in agreement.

Some said his nodding wasn't in agreement with that statement but still at the very least he was quiet and did not speak out against that outrageous statement.

This is more than about Rush the person. This was about the speech he gave and if you listen to the speech and agree with it then it is not only Rush but YOU, that Micheal Steele has rebuked in the harshest of terms.

Well, if that is the way the "leader" of the GOP feels about me then I say no, no,no, not God Bless the GOP, GOD DAMN the GOP. It isn't the party I thought I knew!

Anonymous said...

goes to show whose in charge, and i find it funny that, as your hated dems with have a mixture of races,sex on websites, but u have to or been told to separate from the jews,Latino,Asians republican,

instead i would think, combine them to show that u believe in the same,

but yea, whatever floats your boat