Friday, January 02, 2009

Speaking of Israel

Leette Eaton- White

As we are all aware the last few days in Israel have been hard but not unusual for those who live there, whether they be in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or the Gaza Strip. Now I have disclosed that I am mixed, black on both sides of my family, but another important part of my heritage is being Jewish. Today I speak to all of you as someone is who is Jewish, who is invested in the State of Israel, Preservation of Israel, and the Peace of Israel. I also speak to you as a young woman worried about my younger cousin, who is currently in the country visiting her boyfriend, who she intends to marry, in a country she intends to become a citizen of, in a country she intends to fight for as will her future husband.

When I think about what it will take for peace in Israel, to me such a blessing would only take divine intervention, because human solutions are simply never good enough. That said, I support the military action of Israel against Hamas. I will even go a step further and say that Israel should not take any pause until Hamas makes the step to end their bloody campaign. Hamas is the group that chose to end peace by firing first, and the moral obligation to end the violence is theirs. Hamas started the recent outburst of violence and thus they should be the ones to end it. In my humble opinion Israel is defending what is legally theirs, and that action must be supported by the international community. So often in the arena of politics we seek to question what is right. It is right to protect your property, livelihood, and family when they are under violent attack. I think of Israel, and I think of family, and people I know and I want them protected. Sometimes it’s not just politics, its personal.

Leette Eaton- White is a native New Yorker and college student seeking an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Psychology and has been a Republican since the age of 15.”


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for speaking out. Why so much silence? Isn't this issue important enough for our community to speak out about? I am puzzled by the silence and would like to thank you.

HD Notes said...

I grew up in Shaker Heights and have supported Israel since then.

Although Israel has never treated its black Jews the same; I still support Israel in its fight with people who wish to destroy it.

At the same time it must also be said that Israel has the responsibility [even if if the POTUS OHB must show them the way] of being ready to implement a two state solution with a International Army in between the two countries [cost 200B a year].

At the same time it must give up control of land, water, sewer and infrastructure in the new nation.