Saturday, January 03, 2009

Derek Moss for Vice Chair!

After the last election, one thing is clear: we lost our way. We had no clear message, no voice. We did not stand firm against the bailout package, and we lost the original members of the Republican constituency! We had forgotten how to stand as conservatives. Together, we must resurrect the message that the best government is the government that governs least, that conservative principles are the right principles.

Derek Moss is a Michigan native who is running for that states GOP Ethnic Vice Chair. Please support him in his efforts to rebuild the party. Below is some information on Derek who by the way has been a contributor to this blog over the years. HHR would like to wish Derek much success in his run for this important seat.

Derek Moss is a young upstart in conservative politics who is also an officer in the Michigan Army National Guard. Based in southeastern Michigan, Mr. Moss is an Eastern Michigan University graduate pursuing a career in corporate and public administration with a concentration in international relations. Attending law school is apart of his future educational plans.

As a long time member of the Republican Party, he has also served as the Minority Outreach Director and the Political Director of the Michigan Federation of College Republicans, and was the Chairman of the Eastern Michigan University College Republicans. He is an executive board member of the Washtenaw County Republicans. Also, he is currently serving as an adviser to the Southeastern region of the Michigan Teenage Republicans. Along with these titles, Chairman Moss is an executive board member of the Alliance of Black Republicans; the purpose of the Alliance of Black Republicans (ABR) is to increase participation of the Black American community in the Republican Party. The ABR also serves as an advisory council for minority related concerns. In addition to these roles, Mr. Moss is a congressional aid for the Honorable Congressman Thaddeus McCotter.In November of 2005, Chairman Moss organized and hosted the 1st annual Michigan Federation of College Republicans Inclusion Conference. This conference gathered conservative college and high school students from around the state of Michigan, as well as the public, for training Republicans in minority apologetics.

Chairman Moss has practical experience in working side by side with organizations in assisting troubled youth, runaways, and dysfunctional/homeless families, and he is a former minister of the World Outreach Fellowship of Churches (WOFC). While under the employment of WOFC, Derek Moss was a bible instructor. Mr. Moss has also taught children of various age levels, and was the Assistant to the Executive Office of Detroit World Outreach and the Executive Assistant of Motown Master’s Commission, under the ministry of Bishop Jack C. Wallace and Pastor Patrick Martin.

As an executive assistant, Derek Moss has traveled to numerous locations around the globe including the including Europe, Central America and Africa. He has also directed large events, rallies and fund-raisers for various non-profit organizations.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck in your campaign! I think you would like William F. Buckley Jr.'s book "The Unmaking of a Mayor." It clearly outlines the conservative agenda he would have implemented had he won his race for NYC mayor. It is a must read for Republicans interested in cities.