Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Harlem Voters & Howard Stern

You have to listen to this, it's like a Leno routine. Howard Stern sends out one of his minions to Harlem to interview them on why they are supporting Obama and none of them know why. So he asks them if they support certain specific policies, all of which are well known as McCain's or Bush's, including if they support Obama's choice of Palin as the VP candidate, and they all say that they support that, too.


The Changeling said...

I am astounded that you all would even post this. You have an interviewer that has edited the most ignorant voters in Harlem into a 2 minute segment, but no one here has yet to address those ignorant voters in Indiana, Virginia and Ohio that have been calling Barack Obama a "terrorist", an "Arab", and calling for someone to "Kill him." All direct quotes, nonetheless. It has been a major issue in this presidential race, but it has virtually been ignored on this blog.

You have to realize the dire situation that our nation is in at this moment, and you choose to do a piece highlighting ignorance from your own people while ignoring the contradictions coming from John McCain's majority white supporters? I'm very disappointed, I thought this was a forum for educated and enlightened black conservatives to express their opinions, but like McCain's campaign, I've mostly found it filled with ignorance and cynicism.

Rue St. Michel said...

This forum is for people - American people - who want an individualist in the office of president; not a statist. We want someone who will tell the truth, and not play mealy mouth games when negative, and highly questionable things come up about his character and affiliations.

Those Harlem voters are a microcosm of what passes for a typical Obama voter: someone who doesn't take the time to research the character, background, intelligence and legitimate experience of the candidates ... just someone who fires off bumper sticker slogans.

Our nation is in dire straits and NObama's ridiculous tax & spend policies will do nothing but worsen the situation.

Unbelievably, Obama chants on and on about how "broken" our government is, how it's not working, and how America has "lost its soul" but then, after bemoaning government, he turns around and says we need more of it to fix the problems! Only a moron could fall for that line of reasoning.

As Reagan said,"Government is not the solution to the problem, government IS the problem."

If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen - and don't vote on 4-Nov.

Paul Hue said...

I find that supporters of both Obama and McCain would about equally appear as ludicrous. But it would be a very interesting experiment to discover statistically which group of supporters is, on average, more sophisticated. In a nation where 96% (or higher?) of all black folks are supporting Obama, it's refreshing to find a site where at least a few black folks are taking a critical look at this support.

I estimate that 90% of the people that I socialize with are black, including my proto-wife (we're not formally married). Only one joins me in opposing Obama (like me, he's a "reformed leftist"). Of the remaining people, I have to say that most are very informed on the issues. But these people are nearly all college-educated professionals.

I do get the sense, though, that whatever position Obama takes, that's fine with them, though they do learn and think about that position (perhaps not critically!). I can't prove this, and I normally refrain from speculating about people's inner thoughts and motivations. Thus I will not assert that my impression is fact.

The positive aspect of this "cult of personality" buoying Obama is that he has the power to lead his flock into areas that we righties support. For example, consider if Obama decided to support school vouchers, at least for most desperate school systems. I bet that he could get a very big fraction of his supporters, even a bunch of public school employees in such areas, to go along, whereas no republican or any other democrat could.

If only!

AverageBlackJoe said...

Actually, Howard Stern can be quite funny in showing up America's great quivering mass of opposites and hypocricies and circus-like popular culture. Just as we are well aware that some in McCain's camp can be virulent and crass throwbacks, it is POSSIBLE that not all of Barack's supporters are intelligent, thoughtful, educated, cultured and members of the 'talented tenth' clubs.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I can think to say after so much ignorance is WOW. Does this mean that many blacks (as well as many others) are not educated about the election's candidates and their policies? I'm sure people are voting for a specific (and often stupid) reason on both sides (I'm from the south so I vote Republican or I'm a minority so I vote Democrat), but WOW! It just shows how easy it is to spread ignorance to the uneducated.

mzsykes said...

OK, this outrages me that because of a two minute segment done by HOWARD STERN, you all think that all African-Americans are voting for Barack Obama because he's 1/2 black. That's right, HALF black. I, for one, am not voting for him based on his ethnicity. Comparing the two candidates and their VP picks, Obama is clearly the better choice. From demeanor to healthcare reform and even to education, Obama is the better choice.

Saying that all black people vote for Obama is ignorant and borderline racist. We are not all "ignorant" to the issues. These people are a small demographic located in an area of New York typically forgot about in terms of education.