Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Asian Americans For McCain: & GOP Outreach

by Richard Ivory

You may not know it, but the Obama wave of new registered voters is also met with a new opposition- the Asian American community. In the past few months, thousands have decided to vote for John McCain this year, but they are getting little support from the Republican National Committee.

Since the start of the general election, a group called "Asian Americans for McCain" without help from the RNC launched an aggressive campaign in hopes that a mass of Asian Americans will vote for McCain. This start up ran by individuals whose websites and blogs have little money is losing to highly funded Asian American groups for the Democratic Party.

Today go to the McCain Campaign or RNC website, you will notice the different coalition groups, which are mainly email listserves asking for donations. It fails to address my question about the number of Asian Americans signed up. These sites could show statistics to feature the growth of the party. I suspect as in past elections after November 4, people registered with these listserves will be only contacted for donations rather than outreach. The Republican National Committee must do more than ask for money. Its lack of creativity and motivation to energize minority supporters is stunningly sad.

I recall a book describing when Ronald Regan spoke to the National Association of Evangelicals in which he said to a mostly Democrat audience "I know you do not endorse me but I endorse you". His presence at this group caused a historical change. Evangelicals who traditionally were Democrats decided to become Regan Republicans. Now the problem with the party lies in its absence- they just don’t show up in minority communities. Showing up demonstrates concern and an ability to relate. The Democrats are skilled at showing up and thus are successful at getting Asian American votes regardless that many of them have Republican views.

The article The GOP's "Asian" Problem -Once considered "natural Republicans...," points out the reasons that the RNC takes Asian American donations, but ignores their issues. Any Republican who cares about the party should read this article.

Whoever is running the RNC's minority outreach is doing a terrible job. The piece explains how the GOP’s disregard is turning Republican Asian Americans into Democratic voters.

Below are Asian American Republican groups who support McCain.
Let's see the RNC can keep them in the McCain camp.

Vietnamese Americans for McCain - HUGE RALLY!!











Anonymous said...

What happened to your SNL C-Span skit post? I wanted to read it.

LITE said...

that's sad...these people can get support from the very party they support!!

Anonymous said...

The RNC should've looked at how Arnold got 60% of the Asian-American vote in his re-election bid in 2006 and his outreach in 2003.

Here's from his campaiging in 2003:


I never saw an Asian American outreach part on the RNC's website before.