Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sen.McCain's Chief of Staff is Gay....So What?"


by Scott Tucker

The Gay Left bloggers are
falling all over themselves trying to get people to pay attention to the fact that there is an openly gay person working for Sen. John McCain.

This is a newsflash?

Here’s the deal. Wacky Left bloggers are on a witch hunt and this time their target is John McCain’s chief-of-staff, Mark Buse. Blogger Mike Rogers, whose specialty is “outing” politicians and staffers he deems anti-gay (Republicans, of course), claims that he’s “outing” Buse as a gay man.

Joining in the charade is the Republican-hating and always dramatic Michelangelo Signorile, who posted the hysterical headline: “Hypocrisy Bombshell: Antigay John McCain has a Gay Chief of Staff.”

This headline is laughable. One, because there is no “bombshell.” Mark Buse has been openly gay for years and has acknowledged as much. So the notion that he has been “outed” is simply false. But secondly–and this is the bigger point–this political stunt by Mike Rogers just proves what Log Cabin has been saying for years. John McCain is an inclusive Republican who hires the best people, regardless of sexual orientation.

Also, can we please stop childishly lobbing the “homophobic” insult at Republicans who don’t agree with us on every issue? Rogers and his crowd keep saying McCain is “homophobic” or “anti-gay.” Words mean things. Calling John McCain homophobic doesn’t make it so. The truth is, Sen. John McCain is anything but homophobic. This is a man who has a record of hiring gay staff members–as evidenced by this recent “bombshell.”

Perhaps with a pivotal election just more than a month away, these “activists” and so-called advocates of gay equality should spend more time…well, actually fighting for gay equality.I thought these were the same people on the Left who have been preaching for years that sexual orientation should be irrelevant. But, no, that only applies if you’re a Democrat and agree with them on every gay rights issue. Otherwise, watch out. Your personal life is fair game and they’ll abandon their so-called “principles” of diversity and non-discrimination and use your personal life as a weapon against you.

How ugly.

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Anonymous said...

Is Bill Clinton supporting Obama or McCain? Bill Clinton tells Larry King that people disregarded experience in the primary and never says much about Obama except that he is smart. I even think he says the name McCain more than Obama, what is going on with The Clintons? Is it sour grapes or do they see what a lot of folks see, No Experience, No Plan, No Joke. SBM