Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain vs Obama- Apollo Theatre

Hey folks "its show time at the Apollo" the Apollo Theatre and David Webb from the Black Republican Forum have requested that readers of this blog come to Apollo Theatres to watch the debates. Just a note there will be no C.P. Lacey, aka "Sandman" to Republicans out if the building...just joking.

Below is request to come if you live in NYC please come. I know there will that The Harlem Republican Club will be representing so you may want to contact therm before you go.

*Republican Club in Harlem*....Don't Let Me Find Out,

The Harlem Republican Club is the official Republican District Club for the 70th Assembly District, covering historic Central Harlem and parts of Manhattanville, Hamilton Heights, and Sugar Hill. The Harlem Republican Club was created in 2002 to create a permanent and visible Republican presence in the Harlem community.

From the APOLLO Studios to


We would greatly appreciate your assistance in spreading the word about our viewing party of the important, historic first Presidential Debate between Senators McCain and Obama at the historical, world famous Apollo Theater, with political analysis and on site voter registration, this Friday, September 26th at the Apollo, 253 W. 125th Street, New York, NY.

Tickets for this event are free, but required, and may be obtained from our box office.

Box Office Hours:
Weekdays (except Wed.): 10:00am – 6:00pm
Wednesday: 10:00am – 8:30pm.

Doors open at 7, event at 8.
Visit for more information.

L. Adé Williams
Community Outreach Manager
Apollo Theater Foundation, Inc
253 W. 125th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10027-4408

THE EVENT MAY BE CANCELLED BECAUSE SO WATCH THE NEWS BEFORE COMING-McCain has suspended his campaign and possibluy the debate

*History of Republicans in Harlem*

According to the New York Beacon, in 2002 more than a dozen Harlem Republican leaders announced the revival of The Harlem Republican Club, a year-round, grassroots political headquarters that was first established in 1886 and operated until the late 1930's, according to the best available records. The new club will serve as the central gathering place for several uptown Republican clubs, which have worked independently of one another for several years. The announcement was made at a fundraising for the club hosted by Harlem civic leaders. Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Emily Pataki, State Republican Chairman Sandy Treadwell and ...

Note: I am not sure what is the official Harlem GOP club there seems to be at least three all with there won

Black Elephants -is a monthly cofee roundtable of young African American Republicans in Manhattan who meet in various areas throughout the city to discuss various urban topics. The meetings are low key and relaxed the group is not an organization but simply a gathering place of like minded folks with a diversity of opinions yet still black and still Republican

The Harlem Republican Club was created in 2002 to create a permanent and visible Republican presence in the Harlem community. The new club's members worked tirelessly that year to help reelect Governor George Pataki and look forward to carrying that energy forward for many other Republican campaigns in the future.
The Harlem Republican Club celebrates the history of Blacks and the Republican Party and its proud and storied past. Through very turbulent times, Republicans not only abolished slavery in America but established that Blacks have the right to vote. In fact, many Black Republicans held office and were influential in state legislatures.

In 1869, the first to enter the US Congress were members of the Republican Party, establishing a trend that was not broken until 1935 when the first Black Democrat was elected to Congress.

1856 - The first candidate for President of the newly-created Republican Party, John C. Freemont, runs with the slogan: "Free soil, free labor, free speech, free men."

1860 - With the election of Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Party firmly establishes itself as a major political entity capable of holding the presidency for 60 of the next 100 years.

1862 - President Lincoln is the first US President to meet with a group of Black Leaders.

1863 - President Lincoln signs the Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves.

1864 - The Republican Party makes the abolition of slavery a plank on its party's platform.

1865 - Eleven Democrats break with their party and defect to the Republican side to vote "yes" for the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, thereby outlawing slavery in America. Republicans in Congress also work to pass the Fourteenth Amendment in 1968 guaranteeing equal protection under the law and the Fifteenth Amendment in 1870 specifically securing the right to vote for American Blacks.

1896 - The Republican Party becomes the first major party to favor the right to vote for women in America. Twenty-four years later, Congress passes the Nineteenth Amendment, thereby guaranteeing women the right to vote. Of the 36 State legislatures that voted to ratify the amendment, 26 were under Republican control.

1917 - The first woman is elected to the United States Congress - Republican Jeannette Rankin from Montana.

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