Friday, September 12, 2008

Double Standards & the Democratic Party

What common sense. You Go Girl!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you run for office someday. You are a wise young lady. I appreciated your views.

Annie, TX

Anonymous said...

I love your weave/wig. Great way of conforming to European ideals! You will certainly get that white man you're searching for!

Anonymous said...

What about when she calls your father, brother, or son "Sambo"; What about when you're raped and can't elect to have an abortion if you so choose because Roe v. Wade has been overturned...What about when member of your GOP call you "uppity" after your meteoric rise to success b/c of this video...You guys are a real your black community and definitely to the Republican party.

Sarah Palin wouldn't let you in her house...What about that?

Blog Queen said...

I am somewhat amused at how most people feel that they must remain anonymous when they don't agree with what's being said on a particular site or a particular post.

We are all fortunate in that freedom of speech and press are rights that all Americans can enjoy.

I am a Democrat/Liberal/Progressive (whatever the latest terminology deems appropriate). However, it's baffling to me that any people in America of color would associate themselves with the Republican party.

A party whose member make no bones about being some of the most racist and sexist people in America.

Palin has not been active in the African-american community in Alaska and when asked why she didn't have more cultural diversity in her cabinet she stated she hadn't hired any blacks nor was she planning to.

And for you guys to sit here on this site and defend these people is a slap in the face tp everyone in our culture that fought for you to even have a right to vote.

Don't get it twisted from Congressman Westmoreland's claim of Barack and Michelle being "uppity" (he just left the word nigger off) to Palin's disregard for blacks in's clear who the Republican party panders to...WHITE AMERICANS.

Respectfully and proudly submitted,
Blog Queen
Sagacious Rambling

Staff said...
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Staff said...

Blog Queen,

Welcome to feel free to express yourself and say whatever you want. First I want to agree with you it is “baffling” given the impression by the media and gleefully enhanced by some Republicans. The problem my party has is that its policies are seen as helping by default whites over blacks. Most Republicans are not racist they hold for various reasons to a particular view about the role of government that differs greatly from Democrats. In the past the Republican worldview has been helpful to blacks especially during and after the civil war and later into reconstruction.

But today the impression of the racist Republican is seared into peoples minds by examples like Jessie Helms telling Maxine Water’s a sitting congresswomen that “he was going to sang Dixie to her “till she cries” it’s these type o f statements and others that help create this image of the racist Republican. It is possible Helms thought it was a joke but jokes leave either a good impression or a bad and in this case it was bad. Historically the Democrats have had a far worse record on race particularly before Roosevelt and if it were not for New Deal polices most blacks would still be Republican.

One can make a strong argument that if blacks had stayed influential in the Republican Party the southern democrats like Helms would have had little chance to gain power. The affect of putting all you’re eggs in one basket leaves a gap for other forces who quickly take that spot.

The point that this blog is trying to make that despite this “we rise” and our nations rises. We have been through worse stuff so today the idea that blacks will refuse to sit at a table when we fought to do just that is baffling to me. If was saw a problem with something we became part of the process we fought and died to gain access. As black folks we should have a seat at all tables in American society. America is the only nation that really gives us this opportunity. The only way to expect results in most things whether it is in business or daily life is to first engage it. but never just leave it. An example of this would be the justice system we know that the hands of justice have not always been kind to black people but we still use it.

I believe that the fall out over Westmoreland’s "uppity" comment had more to do with the guys utter disregard for victims of hurricane Katrina of all those supporting relief to the victims this jerk and yes he is a jerk he voted against providing relief to Hurricane Katrina victims. So the comments added to an already held impression that this guy does not care he also wantsto demolish the Department of Education…now he may have libertarian reasons for this but when you come from Georgia and you use these terms and support these types of policies…yore gonna appear racist. The sad thing about it is all Republicans then have to defend his postions depsite the fact that most disagree with him.

Rep. Westmoreland, who was raised in a Georgia suburb in the days of Jim Crow issued the following statement regarding the comment: "I’ve never heard that term used in a racially derogatory sense. It is important to note that the dictionary definition of ‘uppity’ is ‘affecting an air of inflated self-esteem — snobbish.’ That’s what we meant by uppity when we used it in the mill village where I grew up.

Now he says he has never heard it used in a racially derogatory sense coming from the south I seriously doubt this. In the south if a whiteg guys calls you “boy” despite Webstsers dictioanry you knew what he really meant. Impression’s are interesting thing in that they can be changed over time in both cases it takes hard work. The best example of this is the Democrat party that used to be racist and for al I know may still be but the impression is that it is not.