Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey folks Ali Akbar made "The Dallas Morning News" the article is in reference to this blog.

By Emily Ramshaw

There's no denying it, Ali Akbar says. When you're half black and half Arab and at the Republican National Convention, "you stand out like a sore thumb." But this 22-year-old Texan and other young African Americans who identify themselves as "Hip Hop Republicans" are hoping to put their stamp on the party. Mr. Akbar, who was born to a single mom in Dallas, said it would've been easy for him to just assume he was a Democrat -- something he says many black Americans do. "I thought I was a Democrat," he said. "I think all African Americans do at some point."

But on his debate team at Keller's Foster Ridge High School, his debate coach inspired him to really read economic theory. Mr. Akbar said he quickly became convinced that fiscal responsibility -- and in particular, the tax cuts supported by the Republican Party, would improve prosperty for urban minorities. It's a theory that's being offered to young black voters through a web forum for black Republican bloggers, called Hip Hop Republican.

Mr. Akbar, a University of North Texas student who is about to trasfer to Georgia Southern University, is spending this week volunteering on the convention's floor operations team. He also operates several political Web sites. "I believe there's something better for the black community that just assuming you're a Democrat," he said.

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thinking black girl said...

fascinating...UNT has a great debate program i've heard. if "sound" economic policy is what best dictates your party preference, i highly recommend that you explore libertarianism, or the mindset of an independent. what one administration does in support or against economic soundness...another administration may fail to deliver (all on one side). if economics is your primary driving factor, i heavily urge you to reconsider your warrants for leaning to the "right" side of things. from the heart. (