Monday, May 20, 2013

HHR Interview with George McDonald – Republican candidate for the Mayor of NYC

Last week (May 10, 2013) I had the honor to interview George McDonald, 2013 Republican candidate for the Mayor of New York City. I asked George, which he prefers to be called, a series of questions on his campaign platform for Mayor and his views on what it means to be Mayor for New York City.

George does not speak the usual political talk and instead uses his experience as an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of The Doe Fund, which is a non-profit organization that helps homeless and formerly incarcerated New Yorkers change their life through the power of work, spirit to his candidacy and his passion to help the community reach its highest potential is set forth in his platform.

George is disturbed by the commonality of Americans and with the government saying that it is all right to stay in the middle class. George mentions how there is nothing wrong with an individual wanting to reach higher than just middle class. If one can set their mind to it then there is nothing one cannot achieve.

When asked if there is a platform to outreach the Latino communities of New York City George mentions how he want’s to reach out to every community because he wants to help everyone not just specialize on one group. Yet he did mention how the Latino communities play an important part of New York City and how Latino immigrant’s hard work ethnic has transformed them into successful entrepreneurs and benefited New York City.

George wants to instill the entrepreneurial spirit by turning human capital into capital. One of the major platforms that George wants to do is create business opportunities and have full employment. George also wants to make NYC a business friendly environment and making it a better environment for small businesses to start and for the current small businesses to prosper.

George wants to lessen regulations on businesses to create more revenue for the city through payroll tax incentives. As Mayor, George would appoint a Deputy Mayor for Workforce Development to make sure jobs are being created, lessen the regulations on businesses and that there is an increase of businesses being created.

When asked about fighting crime in New York City George wants to continue to keep New York City as the safest city in America from terrorism and violence in the communities. George wants to make a “focus impact” by assigning the responsibility of the community to the people of the community.

George also wants to get the trust of the communities and to make sure that former inmates get jobs out of prison and to lessen the impact of crime by replacing it with jobs.

On the education front as mayor George wants to make sure that the department of education educates the students of New York City. Education is an important part of being mayor and George wants the education of every child in the city to be of value because it translates into a better society and higher quality workforce.

To learn more about George, his platform, volunteer opportunities, donate to his campaign or to be part of his campaign visit

- Interviewed by Jose Fulgencio, former Editor in Chief of El Republicanos (HHR’s Spanish Blog)  Follow on Twitter @jful51


Jose Fulgencio is currently a Lecturer in the Political Science Department at Oklahoma State University, a graduate student finishing his M.S. in Entrepreneurship (May 2013) and is in the process of launching his third business venture with the guidance of the School of Entrepreneurship faculty at Oklahoma State University.

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