Sunday, April 07, 2013

Join HHR @ Club Rebel on Sunday April 14, 2013 (Win Free Tickets)

Hip-hop is not dead, but it sure has been changing. Gone are the days of Gold-Teeth and break dancing to DJ-Premier beats --DJ Premier is still 'A' class by the way; classic like Pro keds and Etonics. Hip-hop stays fresh, and like any good marriage amma love it to the death. Been knocking about Newark for a bit, and found an artist that I really like. His second video hit pretty hard, that Lion roar like Snoop Doggy Dog, I was like on point for sure. ( Var Lewis is an East Orange native,( ) soul prodigy, with pimo audacity in his lyrical sincerity. Overall, a real nice flo. He skateboards the beat, and every aerial is cobbled with a quick movement of the feet you could tap it out with a heat beat.

 He takes it back to the lunch room, just passing time while people wait in line, that's why I really like his rhymes. If you wanna see Var live in concert at Club Rebel on Sunday April 14, 2013, 10p email name address and phone number to win a FREE pair of VIP tickets. Headliner will be Juelz Santana. Get set with the Dip.(

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