Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review of N.A.S.A. - The Spirit of Apollo

Apollo is the name of a spacecraft whose mission it was to put a man on the moon. It is in memory of this successful yet almost aborted operation that music directors Sam Spiegel and Sid Garon enlist the aid of countless men and women, who are also musicians, as they create and enhance a seemingly very simple melody in honor of The Spirit of Apollo.

Presented by Squeak E. Clean Productions and Producer Suzanna Applegate, Garon and Spiegel, over a five year period of time, enlist the aid of many musicians ,who are on their wish list, as they craft a musical composition which is reflective of world-wide harmony, tolerance, brotherhood, understanding, and peace.

Traveling to South America and throughout North America including Hawaii, Texas, and California  as well as Japan and Sweden, Nasa: The Spirit of Apollo depends upon the talents of many artists including Sage Vaughn, Shephard Fairey, and Florescent Hill to present the concepts in the music. M.I.A., George Clinton, Cee Lo Green, David Byrne, Chuck D, Kool Keith, Scarface, Method Man and Kanye West are amongst the many talented performers participating in this venture.

Although the Producers, Directors, and Performing Artists have a noble cause in mind as they craft Nasa: The Spirit of Apollo (World-Wide collaboration and peace) the cartooning-which is excellent-unfortunately detracts from the music. There was literally so much cartooning that I found myself thinking that the DVD would be better marketed towards youth and/or children rather than towards adults.

With its impact on children in mind, which should have been to teach them how to enhance or embellish a simple melody until it is a major work of art reflecting influences from many cultures, I originally rated this film a little higher than I otherwise would have done.

When I viewed the DVD a second and a third time, however, with its impact on children still in mind, I realized that despite the film’s message, style and cartooning that the musicians in Nasa: The Spirit of Apollo , used a lot of colorful language making the DVD unsuitable for children. As a work of art exclusively for adults, therefore, on a scale of from one to ten, and because of its heavy-handed use of cartooning (I don’t like cartoons in adult entertainment.)I give Nasa: The Spirit of Apollo a rating of six point seven-five out of ten .

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