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HHR Exclusive Interview : “Mama Jones”


Rich Valdes: Is “Mama Jones” a Hip Hop Republican?!

Well, maybe not a Republican, but entrepreneur and reality TV personality Nancy “Mama” Jones is definitely expanding her media empire. I caught up with Mama Jones at Freddie Robinson’s Season Premiere Party at the posh urban-chic Power House Lounge in the Power House Arts District of Jersey City on Monday night.  The venue was standing-room only, packed with fans, media, and supporters of Jersey’s own Freddie Robinson Jr. Robinson co-stars with Mama Jones, Chrissy Lampkin, and Hip Hop recording artist Jim Jones on VH1’s new “Love and Hip Hop” spin-off reality series, “Chrissy and Mr. Jones”.

Mama and I had a lively one-hour conversation about what is going on in “Mama’s World” and how that translates to the issues of the day. Take a look at our exchange:  
HHR: So what’s going on in Mama’s World? MJ: I’m on my way to support my girl Cherry Martinez at an event at Green House honoring the producer of Mob Wives. And I’m working, working hard trying to do everything I can with Psychotic, the condoms, my vodka, my perfume and my clothing line.

HHR: Wow, Mama, it sounds like you’ve got a lot going on how are you managing all that? MJ: Well I have the outside inside my basement; I have a pool in my basement. A lot of people don’t believe that I have a swimming pool in my basement but I do with trees, sand and all that. That’s why my new web show on is called ‘SasPool’ because I’m sassy and I like to dip my feet in the pool (laughing)!

HHR: So can you confirm the rumors about you getting your own reality TV show? MJ: Yes, I will have my own show called “Mama’s House” and my producers at VH1 have told me that they are very interested. In fact, we’ve already started filming and we will be filming tonight at Cherry Martinez’s event.

HHR: Since you are “Hip Hop’s #1 Mama” lets talk about family values. MJ: Yes, my family is very important to me. That’s why I created Psychotic Condoms. I have all boys (for grandchildren) and I don’t want them messing around out there; I want my grown children to give me a granddaughter, we need a little girl in the family. Everybody else needs to be safe and use Psychotic Condoms, and you know what I always say: Never leave home without one!

HHR: So what other business ventures do you have going on?

MJ: well you know, I have the perfume “PumKásh” because the Pu–y [expletive for female reproductive anatomy] makes money so that’s the “Pum” and the “Kash” is because I’m working hard to make that money (laughing)! We also have the Psychotic clothing line that has grown from just T-shirts to casual sportswear, and a new line of cocktail dresses I am working on.

And we are going to have our launch party for Psychotic Vodka on November 1st 2012 so stay tuned. Oh and I have 4 new [music singles coming out] one of them is called “Menopause” because that’s just real and if you know me I keep it real, people always tell me “Dang, Nancy you’re the same way in person as you are on TV” and I say: that’s right what you see is what you get. One of the songs will also have dance to go along with it.

HHR: So with all of these money making opportunities let’s talk about your thoughts on taxes. First how do you feel about a prominent politician telling American small business owners that they “did not build” their small businesses? MJ: I built it! I built it from the ground up! You have to nurture your business with your team.

HHR: How do you feel about having to pay a higher tax rate than everyone else once you make more than $250,000? MJ: That’s F—ing crazy! That’s not fair! Why now, because I’m making money now?

HHR: Well the plan is that your tax dollars will help fund and maintain important social programs to help people.

MJ: I’m all about donating of myself to help the community. I think certain people need welfare and we have to help them; but come on! Let me keep more of my money and I’ll give them a job so they don’t need welfare! So there you have it, is Mama Jones a Hip Hop Republican? Perhaps not a Republican (yet) but definitely a very smart businesswoman with a libertarian bent to her political philosophy when it comes to fiscal policy.

 It sounds to me that Mama Jones might potentially be an independent swing-voter; maybe not in this election but quite possibly down the road as her Psychotic brands and music increase in popularity to grow the Mama Jones’ media empire.

Rich Valdes is a freelance contributor for social issues and popular culture. His commentary has been featured on Hot 97 FM, WMCA 570 AM, CNN Headline News, Telemundo, Univision, the Jersey Journal, and When not commenting on or debating politics and education Rich makes a living as an administrator and marketing professional. Rich attended New York University and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. Rich lives in Bergen County New Jersey with his two beautiful daughters.

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