Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Trae Lewis: Straight Outta Carolina

                                   By Trae Lewis

It was the summer of 1988 when fans of hip hop, the musical industry, and the nation as a whole were introduced to the five man rap group named NWA.

NWA’s debut album “Straight Outta Carolina” was an album laced with raw and vulgar expressions and story telling never heard before in hip hop or in music as a whole. The LA based group shook the industry with their unabashed message of being anti-law enforcement, anti-America, and most of all exposing the lifestyle of a “gangsta”. One who takes no for answer and gets what he wants, no matter how right or wrong the method.

Hip Hop began in 1988 as it always did, New York based rappers delivering rap songs that expressed the life of New Yorkers. None of these rappers messages were clean enough to perform before a Sunday church crowd, however, there was some biting of the lip in regarding their expression. Public Enemy frontman Chuck D was as anti-establishment and raw as they came, yet he never articulated the need and desire to use violence as a primary way of life. With their angry and no holdsbar attitude,NWA forever changed hip hop.

This brings me to last Saturday’s GOP primary winner Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich is much like NWA. No he isn’t new to the political fold, however his style and mannerisms are uncharacteristic of any of his GOP opponents. He’s all telling and unwavering regarding to his principals and positions. Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and especially Mitt Romeny are those east coast rappers who do deliever their message, however, its done with care and ease. Sometimes even apologetic, not Speaker Gingrich.

Lead candidate Mitt Romeny is the embodiment of the pre NWA New York rap scene. New York rap before NWA did showcase the hardships of growing up in drug filled impoverished neighborhoods, however there was little to no embracing and certainly no glorifying the hardships and what it took to overcome it.

Mitt Romeny over the past several months has stayed away from expressing and standing firm on key components of conservatism. He has done this to not offend and anger the media, GOP establishment, and even other potential opponents, both President Obama and GOP candidates.

Gingrich has consistently, and none more than his performance in the January 19 debate, of articulating his position but doing so with emotional passion and the delivery of confidence. A confidence which in aggreance or not, affirms to all his insurance conservatism and a Republican is not the best choice, but only choice to right the wrong in this country.

In 1988 and going into the 1990′s, many critics of NWA thought for sure the LA “Gangsta” image would fade and serve no place among the great rappers of the east. Critics since his campaign was in total shambles in the spring of 2011, has said Gingrich has no staying powering and will fade.

At the time of this publication, Gingrich is currently soaring in the polls. A showing this his style of campaigning and debating, his former personal social behaviors, and lack of funding and establishment support isn’t turning off republican voters nationwide.

Also at the time of this publication “TM:103: Hustlerz Ambition” by Atlanta based “gangsta” rapper “Young Jeezy” is currently the number one rap album in the country.

Looks as if people have a taste for those who have a liking to being bold and expressive.

About the Author: Trae Lewis is currently the president of the Baltimore Area Young Republicans and serves as the Nationalcommittee Man for the Maryland Young Republicans, lifelong conservative and registered Republican since 2006, the same year he graduated from Howard University with a BA in political science. In 2010 he served as the field coordinator for the “Ehrlich for Baltimore City” gubernatorial campaign. Since 2010 he has appeared and been featured in numerous Baltimore area print, radio, and television media outlets speaking on the cause of the Republican Party and conservatism as a whole.

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Anonymous said...

I saw you on square off and was impressed. You are correct in that they don't get it.
I firmly believe Mitt Romney won the election but without complaints everywhere there is no challenge even tho we know that there was rampant democratic voter fraud. 141% in one area voting and 59 precincts in Philly without a single Romney vote!
Have you ever notices that anything the dems accuse republicans of planning they are already doing.
Also 40+ years of democratic governance keep poor people poor and just make promises that keep poor people voting for them, UN- AMERICAN but it works.
How can I help? Chris Teter.