Thursday, December 15, 2011

Newt Gingrich: Gimme Some of that Black Republican Love

Charles Ellison, managing Editor of pens an article about Newt Gingrich’s growing support amongst Black Republicans, in light of Herman Cain’s exit from the presidential race.

He writes: As Cain imploded shortly thereafter, it was Gingrich standing on the sidelines as the biggest beneficiary of Herman’s demise. Not only will he absorb Cain’s polling numbers, but he’ll also get a chance to tap Cain’s fundraising machine. But, the debate that played the Cain was symbolic of Gingrich’s enduring relationship with Black Republicans, many who seem to be about the only Black people on the planet who love the racially-charged ex-Congressman.

Many Black Republicans have now clearly shifted away from Cain and are rooting loudly for Newt.

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