Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Young Blacks for Ron Paul

I pledge to you Dr. Paul, my wealth, my unwaivering support, and above all else, my honor. If you shall stand along my side, along Dr. Paul's side, I encourage you to make your own video stating your claim in defense of liberty. Together, we shall push these ideas who's time is now, into the future. We must not rest, because tyranny never sleeps. It is the age old battle. It is the very same fight every generation before us have fought. This is our battle now. We've drawn our lines in the sand. We must not fear the consequences of standing up, and speaking out. Because the consequence of not doing so, is a much more horrible scenario. So what say you my fellow countrymen?! Onward!!! TO LIBERTY!!!!

Why do young black men find Ron Paul’s message attractive?

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Clinton said...

I have followed Ron Paul for years... I have no idea how he could be a Neo-Con... that would really be offensive to him... Here he is having the guts to name names...