Friday, May 20, 2011

Dr. Ada M. Fisher: Obama and Israel like oil and vinegar

First it was government rule by more than a dozen unelected and congressionally unapproved czars who subverted industry management and the financial system trying to prop up previously ill conceived housing policies and banking greed. Then it was a nontransparent health care plan which bypassed the right of review before it was to be voted upon while granting waivers to over 1700 businesses who like many can’t afford this government largesse.

Followed by an escalation of fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan with the tacit approval of a congress unwilling to demand as is its constitutional purview a vote on any acts of war especially with an engagement of our air troops under the command of the United Nations which could subject them to world sovereignty and world courts for acts which other nations might refuse to support. As the news of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden was released and people were all over themselves giving the Obama Administration credit for an on-going effort to battle terrorism whose title was banned during this administration, I couldn’t help but reflect on the judgment of George W. Bush.

The name and policies of the Bush Administration have been harangued as evil with a pile on from the media when in fact the successful policies of Bush proved a good Decision Point for policies which continue to pay dividends today. Thank Bush for Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and military mastermind David Patreus.

It was Bush whose detainment facility at Guantalemo continues to demonstrate its need or plan to hold terrorist trials before military tribunals which still rule the day. And give the man credit despite his poll numbers for stating publicly that we were going after Bin Laden at all costs. George Bush also tried to stabilize the economy with the first 700 plus billion dollar stimulus plan.

But no USA administration has followed the policy of returning Israel to pre-1967 borders. All nations concede that when you win a war, especially one you didn’t start, you are entitled to keep territories won. To back Israel in a position, surrounded by peoples not committed to their existence much less their security as the Obama speech on the Middle East has done could unleash the specter of WWIII. As is the motto of Masada, “Never Again” will Jews go quietly towards annihilation. Obama’s words on the Middle East should now convince Jews of every strip that our very existence could be at risk under Obama.

How strange that diplomat and principal secretary of the UN Palestine Commission, Ralph J. Bunche was the first black person to win the Noble Peace Prize in 1950 in recognition of his efforts to negotiate an armistice in the Arab Israeli conflict. To now see us move backwards at the hands of the most recent black recipient of that prize in Barack Obama says we haven’t come as far as we think.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Ada M. Fisher was previously a Medical Director of Amoco Oil Company and is a physician, previous school board member, licensed secondary education teacher for mathematics and science, as well as the NC Republican national Committee Woman. Contact her at P. O. Box 777; Salisbury, NC 28145; telephone (704) 223-2321; .

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