Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Carlos Garcia: Why I’m an urban/hip-hop Republican….

By Carlos Garcia

I grew up urban. An Army brat. Son of an Irish/Celtic mother, and a Colombian/French father whom I mostly favor. From north Miami, Florida; to Reading, Pennsylvania. Both ghetto, both hard, and both to varying degrees, victims of the leftist Democrat system of minority vote harvesting by continuing welfare dependency, radical historical revisionism, reverse racist Affirmative Action, and pop culture brainwashing, Reading especially.

Growing up, I was mostly concerned with graduating high school, and attaining an Associate’s Degree at least so I wouldn’t fall through the economic cracks and become said dependent. So I never paid much mind to politics, until 1997. I was 11, and my pop’s speeches against the Clinton administration began catching my ear more and more. While I pursued and open mind and didn’t take what he said as immediate Gospel, it did get me more interested in politics, and everything related. I began asking him bout many things political, he answered, and my journey into the world of politics and all it entailed was on.

Flash forward 3 years to the 2000 Presidential election, which my pops drafted me into duty for. I was bored and blah bout it at first, but after seeing all the media glamor, meeting cool people, suspense, and free food and drink, I was pretty much hooked. November 4, 2000 was one of the most suspenseful nights of my life, and I loved every minute of it.

President George W. Bush’s coming victory then cemented me as a political junkie, as I know I contributed to it, and felt part of it, the victory, America’s core engine. I began reading my history book for fun in HS study hall, and excelling in History, English, and Global Current Issues classes. I received much praise from my teachers, and it became apparent that my pops had indeed passed his passion, and skill in politics, its national debate and discourse, on to me, his eldest son.

Flash forward another year, to the tragedy of September 11, 2001. I couldn’t believe it at first. I never thought I’d see something so evil, come to our shores like that in my lifetime. The events of that 2nd day of infamy, President Bush’s speech that night, and the coming success of his responsive military campaign cemented my position on him, what our foreign policy should be, and my own party and ideological beliefs in general. I became a rightist ideologically, combining both my new found fiscally conservative (Capitalist) and neo-conservative foreign policy beliefs. I became a proud and staunch supporter of President Bush, and remain so to this day, and always very likely. I believe our top 3 best Presidents ever, in order are Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and Harry Truman, reasoning upon later request.

I believe in low, flat taxes for all, and relative, general deregulation to encourage economic liberty, competition, and success. I view the far left fiscal ideologies of Socialism, Communism, and its supportive and practicing heads of state worldwide as the Devil really, and the very anti thesis of all that is free, good, and actually, really fair. I’ve seen the destruction the fiscally left policies of the Democrat Party (the same party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, Robert Byrd, DADT, and DOMA) cause.

I believe that inner city entrepreneurship, fostered by the fiscally right, GOP policies for mentioned, will help get my fellow, proud, minorities off this Jackass welfare dependency, get us outta the ghetto, and put them on the track to real, prosperous futures. Like may rap and R&B stars have done.

My foreign policy, formed after I was awakened on 9/11, consists of utterly destroying any and all hidden, growing, and festering threats to our great nation’s national security, and strategic interests worldwide, including through pre-emptive military action if such evidence deems it necessary. Yes I believe in diplomacy, but also believe that it’s really, only effective when backed up by powerful military force. My family has been U.S. military dating back to the Civil War, and I’m former Navy myself. I will always, strongly, proudly, and from the bottom of my heart support our heroes in uniform.

By the way, I got that HS Diploma, with my GPA topping out at 3.8, Honor Roll Sophomore year. I got that Associate’s Degree too, in Specialized Business Administration, with repeated quarterly, academic honors. Lastly, I’ve received repeated written and pictured recognition from the RNC for my grass roots, activist efforts. Feels good!

I’m young, urban, mixed Latino, gay, and a proud, die hard, right wing Republican. Everything the left and its Democrat party so rightly fear. A minority who refuses to march mindlessly, and in lockstep with them and their illogical, frankly suicidal fiscal and foreign policy, their march to ultimate oblivion. Through all my time, money, energy, and efforts, I hope to bring said fate to them one day…………

Carlos Garcia: I'm a right-wing, young, mixed Latino, urban, and gay Republican, and damn proud of that all. I guess this makes me a double minority. I'm from north Miami, FL originally. I have my high school diploma, and an Associate's Degree in Specialized Business Administration from CTI tech school. I'm currently living in West Reading, PA. My specialties are writing, rhyming, politics, history, current events, and debating all that. I'm currently unemployed and trying to survive this tough, still mostly jobless economy.....

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