Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Javier David: Will Kanye West scare off fans with ‘Monster’ music video?

Javier David – The conservative writer for, takes on rapper, singer, and record producer Kanye West, arguing that his latest ‘Monster’ music video may have crossed the line.

When we last left our protagonist, he was blowing a gasket on national television. As is his wont, he naturally placed the blame on his interviewer. Never one to shy away from controversy, he now looks to do the impossible by outdoing himself with blood-soaked erotica.

In today’s episode, our hero — who once proclaimed himself the heir to the late Michael Jackson — makes an attempt to pay homage to the fallen music icon with “Monster”, his own personal version of the classic video “Thriller.” This being the post-modern age of overkill, West’s latest product is replete with violent and gory images that appear to suggest necrophilia, cannibalism, and other psychoses.

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