Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dennis Sanders: Thoughts from a Revolution

Dennis Sanders, a moderate Republican from Minnesota writes about the recent upheaval in Egypt.
He praises the hopes and ambitions of the Egyptian people ... while at the same time, cautioning that revolutions have “mixed successes” and that without clear democratic principles to guide them, can eventually fall apart and be replaced by a government without any democratic safeguards. In his latest article he uses Iran, Gaza and The “Cedar Revolution” in Lebanon as examples.

By Dennis Sanders

Looking at the wave of protests hitting the Arab world, first in Tunisia and then in Egypt, I feel a sense of both hope and dread. It would be great if democratic cultures were born and allowed to flower in both societies, but the record of democracy in the Middle East is not that great. Iran had a revolution 30 years ago to get rid of tryant and ended up with a whole new tyranny.

The United States tried to promote democracy in Iraq with mixed success at best, and in Gaza, which brought Hamas to power. The “Cedar Revolution” in Lebanon was a time when people thought the war-torn nation would be free of its Syrian-occupiers and on the road towards a strong democracy, only to see that government fall apart and be replaced by government backed by Hezboallah. It seems like everytime a despot is sent packing, another one replaces them.

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