Friday, October 02, 2009

“Hip Hop Republican” Lenny McAllister Speaks Out on the Death of Derrion Albert

“Hip Hop Republican” Lenny McAllister spoke out on the shocking silence and the call for action surrounding the death of Derrion Albert and the need for change in the Black community.

“It is very hard to have the pride we held for President Obama in January when the only time Mr. Obama seems willing to ‘be Black’ with us is when he is telling Black people that they must be “more accountable” in their communities, in their schools, and in the lives of their children. Very Republican of you, Mr. President…Mr. Obama is the president, and that is historic, but he is not a Black leader — at least not right now — and we collectively need to stop treating and defending him as such. Respect him as the president, but remove him from the mantle that you have him on with Dr. King…”

Ruben Navarrette, Jr’s article on CNN today ( mirrors Lenny’s controversial article from Wednesday, “The end of Barack Obama, the first Black president,” available on The Loop 21 at:

“I hear that there are looking for other participants in the Derrion Albert death in order to process more indictments and charges. At this point, the authorities are targeting about 3 other people. Truthfully, though, there are millions of them that need to be served. Starting with me...

What are we going to do, Black leaders of both genders, all religions, and all sections of the country? It has not been for a lack of trying – with a Million Man March, gang truces in Los Angeles, Million Woman Marches, and the like – that we are at this point of time. Yet, we are still here. We have not been vigilant enough. We have not been focused enough. We have not completed the tasks of life and death in our communities. What I am going to do is first fast and pray. As I do so, I’m asking that we come together and end this before the next Derrion Albert comes along. It’s time, folks…”

Lenny’s call-to-arms article for the Black community, “What Are We Going to Do?” is available on Global Grind at:

McAllister is asking that this fast occur on Saturday, October 3, the date of Mr. Albert’s funeral in Chicago, IL. Recently featured in CNN’s “Young & Black In America: Empowering the Next Generation of African American Leaders,” McAllister is hoping that this fast will be a first step in national unity to address the issues condemning Black youth to lifestyles involving disease, violence, joblessness, fatherlessness, and death at disproportionate rates within America.

“We are at a crossroads,” McAllister said in a statement. “Our network of leaders can be historic in the wake of ongoing tragedy or tragic as we wallow in apathy or lethargy. I hope that with a one-day fast, we can mourn, prepare, and re-energize in order to reclaim our esteem, our civility, and our potential as Americans.”

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Anonymous said...

As much of a tragedy it is for this to have happended to Albert and his family, funny how the Neo-Cons didn't ask for President Obama to step in in Shanandoah, PA where 4 white teens killed a latino immigrant and the courts let them walk free.