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HHR Blog caught up with Colorado, Aurora City Councilman Ryan Frazier about his latest decision to run for Congress. Below are a few questions our blog sent him, which he graciously replied.

HHR: Ryan, why did you make the switch?

Ryan Frazier:
The 7th Congressional District represents the right path, right now to do my part in helping make America better.

HHR: Where you forced out?

Ryan Frazier: No

HHR: Are you 100 percent backing Norton, no hard feelings?

Ryan Frazier: I have not considered endorsements, yet.

HHR: Who is your opponent?

Ryan Frazier: Ed Perlmutter

HHR: Do you think you can win?

Ryan Frazier: Yes, very competitive district

HHR: What is your strategy for winning?

Ryan Frazier: Listen to the people and develop an agenda that helps unite the people of the district, regardless party affiliation

HHR: What is the district like?

Ryan Frazier:
Predominately working families, great industries in aerospace, medical research, technology, and energy

HHR: How many more days until election?

Ryan Frazier: November 2010

HHR: Are you getting any help from the Party?

Ryan Frazier:
I’m focused on ensuring my organization is staffed with great talent and is well run

HHR: What issues are your potential constituents worried about?

Ryan Frazier:
Jobs. Government spending. Healthcare. Kitchen table issues.

HHR: How will you bring jobs to your district?

Ryan Frazier: There are many ways to help get the economy growing which include investment tax credits that spur investment in hiring people, buying equipment, and acquiring new technologies in the areas of aerospace, medical research, energy, and bio-science.

HHR: Ryan it was a pleasure and good luck on the campaign.

More About the Campaign:

Below is a recent transcript from a recent speech Ryan gave to supporters announcing his run for Congress.

RFFC Campaign Announcement - Oct 15th 2009

Thank you Leader May, I’m most appreciative of your confidence. I’m proud of your exemplary leadership at the State House. Mrs. Rohan, a rising leader and someone I’m proud to call a friend. Brighton Ford, a family-owned business, thank you for hosting this gathering at your fine business that employs many proud Americans. (Acknowledge other leaders in attendance.)

Wow. It is great to be amongst so many hardworking Coloradans. Thank you for sacrificing your time to come out. It’s a beautiful Colorado day. Today marks a new beginning. A beginning premised on making a positive difference for people, all people of all backgrounds. A beginning that is underscored by the reality that the little guy, or our single mothers, we working families, and especially our precious children need someone that will stand up for them and do what is right.

I was raised by my mother who taught me to do what’s right, do my part, and to give my best to make a life for myself. I believe that is what most Coloradans want - an opportunity to make life for themselves. To put food on the table, roof over our heads, and clothes on our children’s backs.

”I stepped forward in this election because I feel so strongly about the opportunity we have as a country to be better, safer, and economically stronger. We owe our children that much. The dangerous course that the Democrat-controlled Congress has forced us to tread, greatly concerns me. There is too much at stake, people’s livelihoods, our children’s future. It’s time to re-energize the people’s House with new leadership and better solutions.

So, today, I wanted to share with you that I am entering the race to represent you in the 7th Congressional District of Colorado. Yes, it’s time to ‘Rock the House’!

The 7th Congressional District represents the right path, right now to do my part in helping make America better. The people here deserve a better choice. This isn’t about me, it’s about our children.

There are so many things to do and no time to waste. Let’s not pretend that Washington is working for us. We know that Congress is failing to represent our views and deliver common sense solutions

I’m deeply motivated to fix the problems you and I care about most. Creating more good paying jobs, cleaning up the fiscal mess of wasteful spending and the enormous national debt, to protect country from the threats of terrorism, to embrace an “all of the above” American energy policy that severs our dependency on foreign sources, to put forth free-market healthcare reforms so more people have it, and to allow more parents greater choice in providing their child a quality education. Simply put, I’m ready to work for American solutions for the American people.

It starts with the economy, getting Coloradans back to work requires getting government off the backs of the people and business with tax relief and investment tax credits that create jobs and private initiative. It also requires we do more with American energy. Natural gas, nuclear, ‘all of the above’ American energy production right here in Colorado will create 10s of thousands of new jobs and lessen our dependence on foreign sources.

As we get our economy going, we must reign in a government that is spending like drunken sailors, and use growth in government revenues to bring down the now crushing $12T debt. Last year alone, our government spent $383B of your hard earn tax dollar on interest alone. Not transportation, not education, not defense - INTEREST. We have to control spending, stop the bail-outs, and cut-out the frivolous earmarks.

It’s a tough economy, but more wasteful government spending is not the answer. I place my confidence in free people and free enterprise. We are standing in a family-owned business that didn’t take the bail-outs despite having to fight lower sales and having to tighten their belts with everyone taking pay-cut, from the top down. This business and the workers here today understand that a strong economy will make all the difference.

It’s not too mush to ask for a fiscally responsible government that works for the people, that keeps our taxes low, build roads and water systems, protects our rights, upholds the constitution, and defends our country. That strengthens the free enterprise system, embraces technology for self-government, and gives parents choice in their child’s education.

And yes, that provides people who needed it a hand-up not a hand-out, and for most Americans a government that keeps its hands off their lives, respecting their liberty and individual responsibility. It’s not too much to ask.

I stand here before you ready to offer new leadership, a new way forward with better solutions to our problems. I will do what I believe to be right, not just what is Republican nor will I always oppose the Democrats, I’m willing to work together to do what I believe is right for Colorado, and the American people.

I’m asking you to join me on this journey. I believe that we can and together we will make America better.

God bless each and everyone of you.

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