Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Minorities and the Future of the Republican Party - Video Commentary

Andrew Simon is the radio host of HHR Blog Radio on this video he speaks out on issues realting to minorities and the Republican Party.

About Andrew Simon:

Andrew Simon is a young black Canadian conservative and former Vice President 2004-2006 of the Campus Conservatives at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alta. He has worked and volunteered for Lee Richardson, a Member of Parliament Calgary, Alta.

Between 2002-2005 Andrew organized a program focused on underprivileged communities in which, in exchange for volunteering to share a skill, tutor, or mentor, low income adults and their children were eligible to go to lessons taught from any other member of the initiative at no cost. Andrew Simon has won over 40 public speaking awards including the World Independent Schools Public Speaking Champion and the Optimist International Public Speaking Champion award.

His public speaking expertise has earned him considerable awards and recognition, including numerous international public speaking championships. Andrew Simon will be running the blogs weekly online podcast which will consist of interviews and opinions offered by Andrew Simon.

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