Thursday, September 03, 2009

America’s Best Dance Crew Blog Review North vs. South and My Official THREE TO BEAT

By Leette Eaton-White

My dear HHR readers I am so sorry I missed last week’s Dance Crew Blog. Life catches up to you when you are a full time college student looking for work and attempting to fulfill a personal goal for an all expenses paid trip to Puerto Rico. In other words…. I was busy busy busy.
But let’s do a little recap. Steve Terada is a saint… he helped all those crews for what seemed like a full session with an injury {us Questies keep tabs on our favorite ABDC/SYTYCD boys (and girl)}.

As for the performances of the crews in week three it was one of those nights where I totally agreed with the judges. It was so boring, even though Massive Monkees had improved from what was a throw-away performance to Beyonce’s Work It Out the week before. Rhythm City, who I told all of you were an amazing crew, rocked it and so did Southern Movement…. But believe it or not those two crews were the bottom two. I couldn’t quite comprehend how that happened but alas it did and it was so sad to see Southern Movement go home before dancing to Big and Rich’s Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy… maybe I’ll luck out and they will do that in the finale *crosses fingers*.

Now since we are done with Week 4 of ABDC 4 I present to you my top three crews. Obviously I have been repping hard for my hometown crew Rhythm City. These guys are hardcore, dedicated, professional and they kill it every time on the dance floor. Watching them for me is a pleasure and every time I see them dance I feel privileged for having the opportunity to see them share their love and their art form. So they are my most easy pick for my top 3.
In the number two spot, and I say this confidently as I feel they finally earned it Massive Monkees who finally lived up to their own astounding reputation in the Bollywood Challenge. I thought this week’s challenge would be a disaster for them but it was quite the opposite.

In my humble opinion they tied RC for best performance of the week. Combining bboying, specifically top rocking with Bhangra seemed to be the perfect idea for these talented bboys. They pulled it off in a word: FLAWLESSLY. Their routine clearly had great amounts of thought and effort and practice put into it, but watching it in action made you think it was only second nature to the Monkees. The formations were quick and clean, the tricks were fun and some were unexpected, and the display of strength was, at least from my perspective sexy. I loved it. So now they are without question or doubt a crew to beat.

Now my final choice for top 3 was a difficult one to come by considering the three crews left. Vogue Evolution, We Are Heroes, and Afroborike all clearly have their strengths and weaknesses. VE is original and interesting because of their story which is their sexual identity. We Are Heroes are the only remaining all female crew and they too have a very unique dancing style. Then there is Aforborike who are a crew evenly split between male and female members doing partner work in a Latin Ballroom hip-hop infused style. So who did I choose… the dark horse of course. I came down HARD, like really mean HARD on Afroborike a few weeks back… I think I said they were “sloppy”. And I was right considering the performance.

But they proved me wrong in the second week. And even though I was not excited by their week 3 performance it was still good… better VE and We Are Heroes (who unfortunately have not got me pumped since week one, in spite of the fact they are good). This week was another get out of your seat performance. The lifts, the transitions and style were great. The timing at one point was a little off but not off enough to make the performance look anything less than great. They are holding on tight in a competition that if I had been a judge I would have ousted them the first week… and that would have been a great loss. They are proving themselves tremendously and I can appreciate that so they get the number three spot.

I’ll check in next week with an episode review and my critique not just of the crews… but of Lil Mama. I’ll see you then, and remember you can watch ABDC on MTV Sundays at 9pm Eastern time or anytime at

Leette is a native New Yorker and a full time student studying Forensic Psychology. She has been a Conservative Republican since 2002, finding her Republican roots at the age of 15. HipHopRepublican opened the gateway for her to start her political activism in urban areas and across the net.

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