Monday, July 27, 2009

Reggaeton - It's Gonna Move Ya

by Esteban G. Camacho

Quite a symbolistic music. One that has soul, rhythm, beat, and more. One could say the beat is quite iconic. A special breed to people listen to this kind of music. Of course, originating in Panama, it has quite a latin feel to it, with a bit of hip-hop, rap rhythms and rhymes, and other things.

Of course, when something is made and created, there are those that are there to make it better, and came along.... PUERTO RICO! Yes, my favorite place on Earth, the land of my birth comes along and steals the thunder! Daddy Yankee, Vico C, DJ Playero, El General, and other stars hit the show room, and really hit the shelves on stores.

The music became associated in urban neighborhoods all over the world to Puerto Rico, and boy, it was exciting. A change of music is always in good faith (or usually), but this time we had ablend of several kinds. A seamless blend of that bass, high snare on the up-beats, and some young male/female voice singing (or attempting to) at the top of the beat. Then comes the transition. Around 2004, we see a different kind of Reggaeton come into place.This is when the bid names really started to show up, and Reggaeton became an internationally known music. Urban neighborhoods love the music.

In fact, I highly doubt that there is an urban neighborhood out there that has little to no Reggaeton involved in their neighboring lives. Now, the Hip Hop (republican) scene is in direct competition with Reggaeton, and in my opinion, the latter is on the rise and winning. Urban neighborhoods everywhere are accustomed to the music, and will keep on liking it in many ways. The best Reggaeton I have heard is the one made at home.

Go Reggaeton, go urban music, and of course, go Puerto Rico! (or is it Panama?)

Esteban G. Camacho was born in 1989 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. There he lived in a lower class family with his single mother for 11 years before moving to the contiguous states. Esteban became involved with politics when he reached his senior year of high school. When he got to college, he immediately pursued further education in the fields of government and economics. A staunch conservative and an advocate of the free market economies of the world, Esteban spends his time researching political backgrounds, economic titles such as Wealth of Nations, and strengthening his conservative base. Esteban believes in personal responsibility, individual liberty, equal opportunity, and in the American dream. Among his favorite quotes is: "What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?" Esteban resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico and is currently pursuing a degree in Political Science.

HHR NOTE: Daddy Yankee the leader in this industry endorsed John McCain for Prez.

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