Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ryan Frazier on Blog Talk Radio: Sunday at 1pm

HHR Blog Radio is proud to have Aurora, Colorado councilman and business exec Ryan Frazier as our guest on this weeks show. Ryan is seeking a Colorado Senate seat in 2010 and is being called by many commentators as a rising star in the GOP often touted by some as "The Republican Obama".

Ryan will be on this Sunday at 1:00 PM --don't miss it!

About the show: The Andrew Simon show is a new online podcast sponsored by and will consist of interviews and opinions by award wining host Andrew Simon.

Date / Time: 6/21/2009 1:00 PM - This Sunday at 1pm tune in!! - Link to show or you can listen to the show on the blog.

About Ryan:

A husband and father of three, a military veteran, a small businessman, an elected representative, and co-founder of a pre-K through 8th grade public charter school - these are a few experiences that have so far shaped the life of Ryan Frazier.

Ryan grew up in a working poor neighborhood that often was characterized by good and earnest people having to endure pressing circumstances around struggling schools, rising crime, and no matter the economic conditions, rarely enough good paying jobs. He was raised by a strong mother who worked two jobs, at times, to provide her three boys all that she could. His mother is his hero and she raised Ryan and his brothers to have faith in God, to do what's right, and to go make a life for themselves. So it was when Ryan started out with his wife, Kathy, she was pregnant with their first child and all they had to their name was a Honda Civic, a 13 inch TV, a pillow, a blanket, and their clothes! That's it. Yet, they also had a dream - that somehow, some way, they would make a life for themselves.

Ryan believes that every Coloradoan, every American wants to make a life for themselves and their families and that's why liberty matters so much. He is motivated to work for a Colorado that's prosperous with jobs and business, where everyone has an opportunity to make a life for themselves, and the liberty to live their life as they believe best.

Ryan Frazier was elected to the Aurora City Council in November 2003 and re-elected in 2007. He serves as an At-Large member representing all of Aurora's 312,000 citizens in Colorado's third largest city. As an elected representative, he has worked as member of a non-partisan council to balance budgets over $750 million, to support the $4.2 billion public/private life-sciences city on the former Fitzsimmons Army Medical base, and to shape a community where folks can live, work, and play. He has led on advancing Cop-Link, a now statewide effort to connect law enforcement agencies with critical information, he garnered unanimous support for small business enterprise goals in Aurora while striving to eliminate the business personal property tax, and he fought to have one of Colorado's few ‘boundless playgrounds' designed for disabled-children, so that every child can have access to a playground.

He is also a business partner in a small Information Technology business, Takara Systems, that delivers web-based solutions to clients of various sizes throughout the world. Previously, he worked in the Telecommunications industry with Avaya and the Aerospace industry with Raytheon. Ryan served 5 years in the U.S. Navy, assigned to the National Security Agency, where he played an instrumental role in helping defend our country. He led a team of intelligence analysts and reporters responsible for a high-priority mission critical to national security. It was during his Naval service that he truly learned what service to one's country meant and it was from this life experience that he embraced the core values of honor, courage, and commitment.

Growing up, Ryan saw and experienced the opportunities afforded those with an education and the lack of opportunities for those without one. This is why he deeply understands the importance of every child having a good education and is a founding board member of Highpoint Academy, a Pre-K through 8th grade public charter school that will educate over 600 students per year. Ryan and Kathy put their children where "their mouths are at" by enrolling all three of their children into Highpoint. He has also served on Colorado's Private Occupational School Board, is currently a board member of Africa Agenda, and he is a national advisory board member with Engineers Without Borders, which helps underdeveloped and developing communities in places throughout Africa, South America, and Asia to engineer quality of life improvements such as clean water.

Ryan Frazier has unyielding faith in the power of freedom & principle. He will advance a freer, more prosperous Colorado with more opportunities for folks to make a life for themselves. He supports free markets and will uphold fiscally prudent, common-sense, and responsible government.

He is a graduate of Columbia College (B.A.) and Regis University (M.S.). Married to Kathy, their diamonds are their children - Jalen, Sven, & Elise.

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