Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shinobi Ninja: Taking Over the World, One Sweaty Rock Circus at a Time

By: Angela Severiano

A few weeks back I had the privilege of seeing Shinobi Ninja perform live at Webster Hall. Barely being able to move through the packed venue I was thoroughly impressed on how this Indie Rap-Rock group has the following that most Major Label Artists today don’t.

The set feels like “Sublime and the Beastie Boys swinging a wrecking ball through CBGB’s” (Mergent Music Magazine Jan 09)

With their debut EP “Brooklyn to Babylon” recently self-released, Shinobi Ninja has been filling venues all over the New York area and up and down the East Coast.

“We are children of the 80’s and we love metal, grunge and hip-hop, and we love to party and have fun,” the band says, answering questions like they play music: as an inseparable team. “It’s only natural that the music has bombastic drums, tons of guitars, rapping alongside rock and R&B melodies with a DJ slicing the crowd to pieces.”

Fate or happenstance brought these eclectic musicians to the same NYC Hells Kitchen recording Studio in 2008, where they formed Shinobi Ninja. The Band is the progeny of Singers Dave Aaron and Baby Girl, Guitarists Maniac Mike and Adriano Morez, Drummer Terminator Dave and DJ Axis.

What I found unique in watching this group is that they are all stars, but equally share the spotlight on and off the stage. “We all respect each other as musicians and we feed off each other’s energy.” They are a combination of songwriters, studio musicians, producers, dancers and battle dj’s. This “Voltron-esque” rock group is bound by a party lifestyle and a love of music that creates an original sound with an explosive and entertaining live show to back it.

Lyrically reminiscent of a house party in Brooklyn circa 1994, the band makes a nod to the old school while remaining in touch with their inner fiesta, fun craving personalities and un-tethered desire.

Prior to forming Shinobi Ninja, each of its members had respective careers in the music industry. Dave Aaron and Adriano Morez both produced and engineered at Progressive Studios, an Eden of music and personalities, which regularly collided fierceness with blind passion and the NYPD. Dave Aaron has a catalogue of diverse tracks with some of today’s top Artist, several of his productions landing him on the charts. Baby Girl is a celebrity dancer and singer for various major label artists such as Ricky Martin, Diddy, Cassie and Santigold. Twin brothers Maniac Mike and Terminator Dave ran The Sound Machine, a recording studio where they produced their projects and the work other eclectic NYC Indie artists. Dave has performed regularly all over the east coast with DJ Axis, an accomplished battle and club DJ.

Quickly buzzing in NYC for their mega high-energy live performances, you can check this band at its next show this Monday June 1st at 8:00 PM at the Legendary Blender Theatre (127 East 23rd Street)

With an immense response from the New York community Shinobi Ninja has one goal in sight, “taking over the world, one sweaty rock circus at a time.”

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Angela Severiano is a songwriter, performer, and political contributor currently living in New York City, New York. She is a music and pop culture writer for the blog

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