Saturday, May 09, 2009

Republican Scholarships & Internships

If you are a Republican or person who supports free markets there are tons of scholarships out there for you. Below are groups that offer paid internships and scholarships. So if you are a college student or you plan to attend Grad school check out the great programs sponsored by The Intercollegiate Studies Institute & the Institute for Humane Studies. Here you will find tons of internships, scholarships to help you while pursing higher education.

Want to fly to LA and work on a feature film? Dig into a freedom-oriented, social-issue documentary? Help produce an upcoming television comedy? On the other hand, maybe you prefer CGI, animation or video game development.

The Institute for Humane Studies Production Internship Program places interns in all these areas at production companies during the fall, spring and summer.

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Want to Start a Libertarian or Republican Paper on Campus?

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*Other Internship Programs*

IHS Journalism Internships

Paid print and broadcast journalism placements at daily newspapers and major media outlets across the country. Open to undergraduates, graduate students and recent graduates.

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*Production Internships*

Want to fly to LA and work on a feature film? Dig into a freedom-oriented, social issue documentary? Write side-by-side with a working Hollywood screenwriter or assist in the production of an upcoming television comedy? Apply for a paid production internship!

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*Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program*

Advance your career while advancing liberty! Participate in an intensive public policy internship at a DC or state-based organization through the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program. Participants receive a stipend, workshops, furnished housing, and travel reimbursement.

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Each year the
Collegiate Network offers paid summer internships and postgraduate, year-long fellowships at prominent media outlets to its most promising student journalists. For students seriously considering a journalism career, these positions offer writing opportunities at some of the nation's leading publications.

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Cal Ulmann said...

I did an internship at the National Taxpayers Union and recommend it highly.