Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ya Down With Somali Jihadi? Where Hip-Hop Meets Jihad

H/T to Libertarian Republican Blog for a great article on Abu Mansoor al-Amriki who is becomming the new face of Islamic Jihad. Amriki has just put out a Hip Hop video to recruit Americans and other Westerners into the Somali branch of Al Qaeda, and many suspect he's already had success.

A cell of Minneapolis-St. Paul area Radical Muslims recently joined the Somali Jihad, and were responsible for a series of suicide bombings. Additionally, a recent shooting spree by three immigrant Somali Muslim gang members at a suburban Minneapolis home may have been connected to the Somali cell. The gang members, sought to enter a home during a house party, and sprayed bullets on the attendees, injuring 4. From Shimron Letters website (dedicated to freedom fighters in Somalia who are opposing the Jihadis):

What follows is most of a staetment from Abu Mansoor al-Amriki, alegedly a former US Special Forces trainer who went to Bosnia to fight, the fought and trained in Caucases, now Somalia. He is now a Commander with the Shabaab in Somalia. He recently made a video recruiting American Muslims, and may have been involved in recruiting American Somalia Immigrant Parents to send their children, the Minnesotta Mujahadeen to Somalia, some of which ended up as suicide bombers.

He demonstrates that the Islamist's objectives will never be comfortable with any National identity for very long. That The Umma belong to the Calipha.He, along with other islamist true Mujahadeen, believe their lives have been and will be of the higest service to Allah, a distant and exacting God whom they love.He illustrates to western readers an example of the Mujadeens devotion. They will be armed Mujahadeen fighting Jihad whether on the battle field, working in western jobs, until they are in prison or dead. Then, they believe that will have earned paradise, to the best of theri ability.This is his life; he will choose no other.

Fox News has an exclusive report which shows Amriki being interviewed for the first time. See it here.

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