Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Wimp Lobby

By Nadra Enzi

The Wimp Lobby can claim to its eternal infamy such feats as: making it illegal in some states to drive without a seat beat or operate a motorcycle helmet less; Treating suicide as a crime against society instead of a final personal choice; punishing people for choosing to use certain banned substances for recreational instead of organized crime; dialing 911 for everything as if you're helpless to provide basic response to non-lethal situations; and on a related global note, having merchant ships sail unarmed into the mouths of modern day pirates; the list of ( artificial ) limitations grows daily.

The Wimp Lobby is ruled by fear and feels only by limiting personal choices involving risk or worse, behavior that harms no one else but still is not approved of by Wimps.

Wimps seek total security at the cost of freedom; dignity or opportunity. Losing these three principles already prove the price of admission to a wimp-crafted reality is entirely too steep for liberty lovers.

Wimps aren't bad people in most cases, just folks who didn't outgrow victimization at the hands of youthful bullies or haven't escaped the confines of personal comfort zones to challenge stale boundaries within their lives.

Wimps think a few college degrees and study groups are all that's needed to make a better society and can't seem to recognize the role force has in being a tool for social improvement. Self-defense is what intelligent, ethical people have to employ when moral suasion and diplomacy have failed to defuse a situation.

One can either run or one can stand up to the challenger at hand and opt to physically discipline him if needed. A world of unarmed ships and unarmed citizens menaced by armed assailants makes little sense to me.

Weapons are only as good or bad as the will of their possessors. Wimps in the anti-gun camp would disarm virtually every legitimate gun owner without impacting ownership among criminals.

Wimps in school systems nationwide stripped children of their God-given right to defend themselves by punishing both attacker and victim under zero tolerance policies. Wimps in office are willing to look the other way when some police officers abuse a suspect because they are too scared to get on the streets themselves to provide public safety.

No, I haven't been eating too much red meat ( haven't had any in over 20 years ). it's just that emasculation and disarmament seem incredibly punitive steps in a world with so many bad actors. Persons of good conscience must realize that government can't protect you from Life itself and that you are always your first line of defense against the unexpected.

While the term " Wimp" is undeniably old school and politically incorrect, it nonetheless identifies a tendency loose in academia and public policy that casts individual courage onto the scrapheap of history as if there is no longer any need for it. With what appears to me to be a dramatic increase in angry personalities on the loose in society, it seems to me the responsible thing to do would be encouraging citizens to legally prepare and, per applicable law, defend themselves when confronted by said personalities.

Post September 11th, one would assume the public would know better but that's not the case. Many adults who really should know better feel their defense is someone else job and anyone who defends himself is wrong- not the aggressor who created the confrontation!

The 21st Century in which we live has as many elements of the Mad Max movie series as it does the benign future of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. A high tech society refusing to defend itself against low tech, low lifes really can't call itself progressive.

Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive and his advice was to walk softly and carry a big stick. I hope the Wimp Lobby will heed his advice one day soon, but if they did I guess they wouldn't be Wimps anymore.

- NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT. BLACK is a civil order activist and urban security consultant. www.myspace.com/nadrasw1 you can email him at NADRACAPTBLACK@YMAIL.COM

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