Friday, April 24, 2009

Tale of Two Queens - The Gay Case against Perez Hilton

By Dennis Sanders

I've never been a big fan of the gossip columnist Perez Hilton. I don't why, but he just doesn't fascinate me. Hilton has made news recently by saying some not so nice comments about Miss California, Carrie Prejean when she answered a question about gay marriage from Hilton at the Miss USA contest. Her answer wasn't what Hilton wanted to hear. He slammed her on his blog by calling her a "bitch", apologized and then took back the apology and called her an even worse name that I am not going to say here.

Prejean is against gay marriage. I don't agree with her views. I happen to think that she is wrong on the issue. I am gay and for gay marriage. That said, I think Hilton came out look like an idiot. The problem here is that he asked a question. Maybe it's me, but when you ask a question, you need to expect that there is a 50% chance that you will not be happy with the answer. That's the risk of asking questions: sometimes you hear something you would not rather hear. Prejean responded truthfully; Hilton may not like, I may not like it, but she did what Hilton wanted; to answer a question. This wasn't a situation where Prejean was at some rally spewing hate, she did not put forth anything to provoke Hilton to ask the question. In the end, it was Hilton's call and he now he is whining because she gave the wrong answer.Some people are looking at Hilton as if he is a hero and Prejean as if she showed up to the pagaent in a Klu Klux Klan outfit. But he's not a hero.

In a way he is giving aid and comfort to the anti gay side, because now Prejean will be seen a brave and devout woman standing her ground against the mean-spirited gays. I would hope that in this fight for equality, we don't become as spiteful as those on the other side. We need to be able to show some respect for people at times, even when they disagree with us. There is a time for anger, but a smart person knows when anger is called for and when it is better to keep things in check. In the future, Hilton should keep his antics on the gossip columns.

Dennis Sanders is a pastor living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has worked on centrist Republican issues for years, including stints as President of the Minnesota chapter of Log Cabin Republicans (a gay/lesbian advocacy group) and Republicans for Environmental Protection. Dennis blogs at NeoMugwump and happily lives with his partner Daniel and serves two cats, Morris and Felix.


Anonymous said...

This type of mean, prejudiced individual are the most destructive element in a civil rights defense. They add nothing but anger and contempt on ANY SIDE OF THE EQUATION.
I have always said that the term "gay" is the most wrongly used and cynic word to describe homosexuality or lesbianism.

I am hetero conservative for gay rights (not common but here it is), because I had a very loving brother who suffered discrimination due to his gay life, but it is people like PH that discredit any good efforts towards his own group. Keep the guy on a leash before the beast attacks again.

Zabeth said...

Amen to that! I don't necessarilly agree with Prejean- the fact of the matter is I'm undecided about the issue- but I respect her right to have her opinion and not be called vile names because of it. As a woman, I find that offensive.

If you check Facebook (as if that's some kind of barometer ;-) ) support for Miss. California has eclipsed that of Mr. Hilton. Just something to think about.

rmrd said...

This was incredibly stupid. I know nothing of Perez Hilton, but he just made Ms Prejean's career. she will be an ideal example for Conservatives for standing one's ground.

Her answer, although stumbling, suggested that she was glad that she lived in a country where one could choose marriage or gay marriage ("opposite marriage").

Ms Prejean said that she personally believed in marriage as being between a man and a woman. that was her personal belief.

If anyone is behaving like a female dog here, it is Hilton Perez. If a future vote on Gay marriage fails in California, thank Perez Hilton.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis,
I don't think Perez is coming out looking good at all throughout this whole thing.
All Prejean did was speak her mind, which I guess Perez forgot she has a constitutional right to do.
His response to her then and since is simply Perez "showing his A*s".
He is a loudmouthed jackass....and outside Hollywood - a nobody, IMO.
What I hate is every time any news show or talk show brings this up again, they give Perez free advertising.
TwoLiveCrew's sales went Up when they were taken to court over lewd lyrics and Murphy Brown's ratings went Up after Dan Quayle criticized that show.
All media exposure is free advertising.
I'm straight and I think a lot of other straight people may have the same reaction to all this as me.
Perez looks like an A*s every time he opens his mouth about this.

SB Smith

Anonymous said...

Obviously Perez is a crude idiot, and clearly Miss California has a right to her opinion.

But I have to say, Mr. Sanders if you are a pastor you should strongly consider going back to your bible for guidance on sexual matters. We don't have to agree with THE WORD but we are called to try to follow it. And there are serious spiritual consequences who for those who knowingly and purposefully mislead a flock.