Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quote Of The Day

HT- Booker Rising

"Candidate Obama attacked the shameful policy of the Bush administration to hold prisoners at Guatanamo in Cuba with no charges, no lawyers, no due process, no habe[a]s corpus. President Obama's first act on his first day in office was to close down Guatanamo. Now, though, the Obama administration is planning to hold prisoners in the even more remote Bagram air base in Afghanistan under the same shameful 'black hole' rules. I strongly supported President Obama and still do. Nearly everything that the new administration has done have been a step forward for the nation, and a relief to me personally. Because I support Obama, I think it is my duty to criticize wrong things that my guy does. The no-rules prison at Bagram is very wrong." — William Weston, sociology professor and moderate Democrat

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Bianca said...

of course he's going to hold them at other camps...why else do you think it is so easy for him to say we will close Guatanomo.