Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hip-Hop Republican on Grit-TV

HHR political commentator Brandon Brice speaking on Grit-TV about recent Tea Parties. One note should be made and that is not all HHR contributors and writers are supporters of the Tea Parties, but many are. HHR seeks to make sure every voice is heard. The video above is of Brandon Brice speaking about a recent Tea Party he spoke at and explains his participation on Grit-TV. In a few weeks we will give an alternative view to the Tea Parties.

Newt Gingrich speaks to an estimated crowd of 12,500 or more at the New York City Tax Day Tea Party.


Anonymous said...


Black & Right said...

I am amaze that the liberal media finds it amusing to mock anyone of color who is not a Liberal democrat. And yet these folks proclaim how proud they are to have a Black President. A President who self describes himself as black when his mother was 100% caucasian. The hypocrisy never cease to amaze me.

Jeneane Garafolo can sprew her hatred on MSNBC and thinks if you are Black or a woman and not a democrat you are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. And not one Black person called on MSNBC to apologize for promoting blatant racist remarks. White LIberal thinks all Blacks must be democrat or they have a mental disease and there is no outrage in the black community? I came to this this State from the Caribbean and have found some of the most annoying people in this country to be Liberal whites. They are quick to call conservative whites racist when they themselves are some of the most intolerant bunch I've come across.

What a nation this place would be if we all think and vote alike base on race.

Bianca said...

The whole tea party is laughable...good luck on trying to get anything changed

sbm said...

The tea parties give folks pause, makes them think, plants the seeds that will grow over time as the decisions and policies of Jimmy Carter fail.