Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Website Launch Update

The other week we at HHR got a nasty little email asking that we just disappear or better yet just die. Well in the words of one famous American we " Hip-Hop Republicans Don't Die We Multiply". Hey folks all jokes aside we just wanted to give our readers a heads up regarding the details of the new website. But before we do this we want to thank everyone who took the time to donate to the site; we appreciate all that you have done. And if you still would like to make a small donation, we would greatly appreciate it.

However what’s more important is our loyal readership of thousands of visitors each week. Ideally, we want the site to be up and running by Thursday of next week but if this is not the case, it should be up the following week. However, we will let you know when the site is up and running. Below are some of the highlights and features of the new sit and what to look forward to.

Thank You

Richard Ivory- Publisher
Andrew Simmons – Host of HHR Radio
Tiffany Shorter – Editor
Cleo Brown – Co- Editor

Seeking: Interviewers - Contributors - Bloggers
We are seeking individuals who would like to interview Hip-Hop artist and Political figures within the Republican & Libertarian Party. We are also seeking bloggers who want to have there post added to our site. By having your postings added to HHR your blog & posts will be read by a wider audience.

If you want to be a contributor please emails us at, most of our writers are Republican but we welcome all submissions.

New Site Features: The new site will be adapted to feature new menus, content and layouts. The site will also take on a more professional look and feel. Below are some of the features of the new site.

1)New Online Radio Show – Andrew Simmons a young black conservative from Canada and a recent a graduate of the University of Calgary, Alta where he was the President of the University’s Campus Conservative Club will be our sites new radio host. Andrew is a gifted speaker and is both a freelance writer and political commentator on both Canadian and American politics. The online radio show will feature artist and political figures and policy experts.

2)Urban Professionals – HHR will be conducting interviews online and on our new radio show with urban professionals on a variety of topics from low-income housing to reentry programs. We hope to reach out to groups like the Urban Institute, The Manhattan Institute and many other policy think tanks to get

3)Music Interviews - HHR will be working with one of Hip-Hops biggest online promoters -"ICED Media" and other promoters to conduct interviews with both popular and up an coming Hip- Hop artist.

4) Grass Roots - We will be conducting interviews with Republican & Libertarian groups that are trying to make a change for the better in urban America.

5) Urban Candidate Spotlight – The site will focus on Republican or Libertarian candidates who have a heart for urban issues.

6) Urban Small Business Spotlight - This feature will focus on urban business in the five boroughs of NYC. We will interview businesses and see what there concerns are and how and why they started a business.

7) Movie Reviews – Every month we will provide a movie review on the latest Box Office movies.

8) Angela’s Corner - Weekly & Monthly commentary on pop culture from NYC Socialite and Fox News contributor Angela Severiano

9) Ask Dr Davermann – If you have a question about Politics, Current Events, or Life Stuff, Dr. Davermann has the answer. This fun series will be run by James Davermann" a Financial Analyst whose describes himself as a Libertarian Republican. James is a graduate of Hofstra University where he studied Political Science and Economics. He is from Brooklyn and has been a Republican since he was eighteen years old. He is a U.S. Army Veteran who has proudly worn the uniform for our nation.

If you have any questions please email us at

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